Make Up For Ever 1

Makeup stations inside the classroom.

Make Up For Ever, the Paris-based professional makeup brand, is opening the doors to its first licensed U.S. Academy in New York City this month. Located in Union Square, the new Academy will reinforce the company’s commitment to education by making its distinct blend of knowledge, technique and artistry more accessible to professionals, students and others wishing to develop their creativity.

“Over the past 27 years, Make Up For Ever has become the makeup artists’ reference for information, inspiration, artistry and education around the world,” said Nicolas Cordier, global CEO of Make Up For Ever. “We are thrilled to be opening the Make Up For Ever Academy to share our expertise and passion with the next generation of makeup artists, as well as to become the leader in makeup education throughout the Americas.”

Since 2002, when the brand’s creator and artistic director Dany Sanz opened the first Academy in Paris, a crop of other Academies utilizing the Make Up For Ever teaching methods have been established throughout the world in cities such as Seoul, Hong Kong, Brussels and Singapore.

“We want to enhance each student’s experience by incorporating state of the art learning tools into a relaxed, comfortable environment,” said JP McCary, general manager of Make Up For Ever North America. “The space allows each student to have their own makeup station, and features professional lighting, an in-house photo studio for regular shoots, and a photo/video space where students can capture and critique their work in a professional way.”

Make up forever 2

The classroom inside the Academy.

The Academy curriculum offers three unique modules ranging in length from seven to 20 weeks, offering courses in Beauty-Fashion, TV-Film and Stage-Artistic. From day makeup to special effects for cinema, every facet of makeup artistry is covered to ensure the most in-depth training.

The school will be led by Floriane David, a former student of Dany Sanz who has worked with the brand as an educator since 1992. The Academy will also host guest lecturers and connect students with makeup artists working in assorted aspects of the industry to experience a variety of styles and backgrounds.

“The Make Up For Ever Academy teaches every aspect of artistry from beauty to body painting because we wanted to provide an all-encompassing education,” said David. “It is geared toward beginners looking for intense, all-encompassing make up training, as well as professionals looking to hone their skill set and perfect their technique. Beauty & Fashion covers all aspects of makeup artistry and helps students understand color theory, master basic techniques and learn about the history of makeup. As the courses progress, students will challenge themselves with TV & Film where they will learn how to create effects such as scarring and aging makeup. In Stage & Artistic, they will create fantasy makeup and learn the art of creating characters. Overall, the program is very well rounded and teaches all facets of the industry to ensure students are able to achieve their personal goals.”

No previous formal makeup application experience is required for program participation, but students should exhibit a strong
connection to the art of makeup and have a desire for a career as a professional artist. For more information visit


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