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Univision’s Graciela Eleta with Macy’s Linda Levy and Alexandra Vegas of P&G.

Cosmetic Executive Women (CEW) hosted its first Women & Men in Beauty Series event of the new year on January 19 in New York City. Graciela Eleta, senior vice president of the Client Development Group for Univision Communications; Linda Levy, vice president of merchandise marketing for cosmetics and fragrances at Macy’s; and Alexandra Vegas,
director of the Multicultural Business Development Organization for P&G, came together to share their personal insights and their companies’ strategic approaches on how to market beauty to the Hispanic consumer.

According to Eleta, Univision’s research has shown that the Hispanic market has spending power of over $1 trillion, and that over 18% of the current adult population (18-49 years of age) is of Hispanic decent.

“When it comes to beauty, color cosmetics is a major category for Latinas,” said Eleta. “They want the and, not the or—lipstick and lipgloss, not only one of them.”

Vegas, who started her marketing career at P&G’s Venezuelan office, has been the driving force behind many top-tier brands including Pantene and Pampers, and knows the ins and outs of the Latina consumer.

“Beauty routines start earlier in the Hispanic population,” said Vegas. “A Latina will go the extra mile for beauty products and stretch the money to get that special something she’s been wanting. It’s amazing how she will pamper herself and do everything she can to look her very best.”

To provide the retail perspective, Levy weighed in on her thoughts regarding the Hispanic consumer at Macy’s.

“The Hispanic customer is someone we are really looking into at Macy’s,” said Levy. “We have over 800 stores in heavily-populated areas, and we are focused on having the right assortment in store for them, wherever they like to shop. We have also begun translating our
traditional advertising into Spanish—the key is to understand how to communicate with this consumer across all channels. We really need to get to know this customer. This is our biggest opportunity for the next couple of years.”

Eleta added to the retail conversation, discussing the importance of a brand’s in-store presence to the Latina consumer.

“Packaging is key to this market, and has to be just right,” said Eleta. “Bilingual packaging is a plus, and celebrity endorsements are 10 times more important to these consumers. She is able to develop a connection with the brand when it targets her in her own language and culture.”

From the manufacturer’s point of view, Vegas highlighted her thoughts for the Hispanic market moving forward.

“If brands are serious about marketing to the Hispanic consumer, it has to be a long-term commitment,” said Vegas. “It should be made part of the early design stage for new products, and brands should be choosing ambassadors that appeal to both the general market and the Hispanic market—Jennifer Lopez for Venus, Eva Mendes for Pantene and Sophia Vergara for CoverGirl, for example. Looking forward, our current portfolios may no longer work, and we may even have to develop new brands to cater to this market.”

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Macy’s Nancy Schmidt and Muriel Gonzalez with Jill Scalamandre of Chrysallis. Elizabeth Arden’s Francine Gingras and Claudia Lucas of QVC. Univision’s Julie Pinkwater and Beth Ann Martinelli with Paul Morris of ScrollMotion (c.).
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The Estée Lauder Companies’ Susan Akkad, Diana Espino and Catherine Barber. Shiseido’s Rita Mangan and Barbara Zinn Moore of Lord & Taylor. Givaudan’s Irina Burlakova Rucinski, Catherine Lee and Kelly Bastidas.
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The Estée Lauder Companies’ Matt Teri and Carol Russo with John Stella of Elizabeth Arden. IFF’s Jeanine Bernstock and FIT’s Stephan Kanlian with Coty Prestige’s Breanna Martin and Jason Boland of Mane. Maybelline New York’s Dan Villarroel with
Julie Pinkwater.
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Macy’s Tasha Blackman and Mary Kohatsu
with Anitra Marsh of P&G.
Oscar de la Renta’s Jean Hoehn Zimmerman and Mary Manning of Manning Associates. IFF’s Barbara Downey, Matt Frost and
Fernanda Albejante.

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