Cosmetic Executive Women’s (CEW) Women in Beauty Series hosted a panel event on January 20 to discuss the evolution of digital strategy for beauty brands. Annemarie Frank, director of e-commerce, digital media and strategic alliances for mark., Marisa Thalberg, vice president of global digital marketing for The Estée Lauder Companies and Kristen Yraola, assistant vice president of digital media and Internet for Maybelline New York-Garnier, highlighted key issues such as monetizing social media efforts and using social media for product launches.

“These women are some of the most forward-thinking women in the beauty world today,” said Jill Scalamandre, chairwoman of CEW. “They are immensely engaged in how to digitally connect with the consumer.”

Trained to strategize digital and social marketing programs, Ms. Thalberg aims to drive e-commerce sales across each of The Estee Lauder Companies’ collection of 28 brands.

“The entire media landscape is so vastly different from when I started working,” said Thalberg. “We’ve had to figure out a way to tell the brand’s story in a digital way that’s compelling. The M·A·C Me Over! and DKNY Design a Bottle contests are great examples of that.”
Ms. Frank discussed the Web as an integral part of the mark. business. As one of the first brands to monetize Facebook, mark. has been successful in targeting Generation Y—which includes millions of “digitally native” women.

“Working in the digital sphere involves being a translator and a pioneer, as well as a teacher,” said Frank. “We have to break down the important content and turn it into digestible tidbits for the Web.”

Leading the digital initiatives for the Maybelline New York and Garnier brands, Ms. Yraola pointed out a few specific strategic challenges she’s faced so far.

“We need to get out of thinking that the digital world is only for digital people,” said Yraola. “Within this new complexity of media, we are now responsible for entertaining and not just educating the consumer.”

1 Digital Beauty 2 Digital Beauty 3 Digital Beauty

mark.’s Annemarie Frank, The Estée Lauder Companies’ Marisa Thalberg and Maybelline New York-Garnier’s Kristen Yraola with Carlotta Jacobson of CEW.

CEW’s Lisa Klein and Elizabeth Arden’s Laurie Dowley with JHZ’s Jean Zimmerman and Thia Breen of The Estée Lauder Companies.

Coty Prestige’s Lori Singer and Carlos Timiraos.

4 Digital Beauty 5 Digital Beauty 6 Digital Beauty

mark.’s Gail Boye, Elena Panos and Claudia Poccia with Jill Scalmandre of CEW (2nd r.).

Arcade Marketing’s Mary Weiser and Alice Sciortino with Joe Cook of The Estée Lauder Companies.

Romane Fragrances’ Marie Anna Ferdinand and Renee Bukowski with Melissa Montfort and Michelle McCabe of Givaudan.

7 Digital Beauty 8 Digital Beauty 9 Digital Beauty

Shape’s Diane Newman with Gail Boye, Kim Waite, Annemarie Frank, Claudia Poccia and Elana Panos of mark

Coty Beauty’s Carey O’Connor and Diana Depaola.

Maybelline NY-Garnier’s Adam Gagliardo, Nicole Hurwitz, Deborah Marquardt and Kristen Yraola.

10 Digital Beauty 11 Digital Beauty 12 Digital Beauty

Batullure Beauty’s Bina Brianca with Elise Marshall of The NPD Group.

The Estée Lauder Companies’ Laura Woodson, Laurie James and Molly Souch.

Givaudan’s Kerry Squillante and Alison Chaneski with Gail Boye.

13 Digital Beauty 14 Digital Beauty  

Coty Beauty’s Daphnee Allen, Mary van Praag and Jeremy Lowenstein (c.).

GQ’s Karen Drechsler with Christina Lin of Maybelline NY-Garnier.



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