Actress Kate Walsh has stepped onto the scene with her new boyfriend, and he is loaded. Billionaire Boyfriend, the follow-up to her first hit scent, Boyfriend, is evocative of the finer things in life—learjets, super yachts, rare jewels and roulette—and transports you to more glamorous times.

“Billionaire is a nod to old world glamour, style and adventure,” said Walsh. “I was inspired by 60’s Italian films, the ‘jet set’, Monte Carlo, casinos and James Bond. While Boyfriend is all about the memory of his scent on her skin, Billionaire is about how he makes you feel after a drive down the Amalfi Coast, sipping champagne on a private yacht, jetting off to Capri—it’s any girl’s most decadent fantasy.”

The juice, created by Givaudan perfumer Marypierre Julien, is an Oriental floral that opens with top notes of bergamot, tangerine and lush green leaf, and melts into middle notes of black orchid, gardenia and a little jasmine. The dry down includes notes of amber, sandalwood and a hint of vetiver.

“Billionaire is such an addictive, voluptuous floral and so decadent, that I thought it immediately implied some sort of exclusive, rare wealth,” said Walsh. “It literally smells expensive! And while it’s true that the price per pound of the ingredients is a little more than the original Boyfriend, it was still imperative for me to keep it at an accessible price point.”

While in Paris meeting with executives at Sephora International, Walsh stayed at the Le Meurice Hotel and was inspired by the Venetian glass and antiqued mirrors with gilt frames that adorned the rooms and lobby.  

Kate Walsh

“For me, the experience of staying in that hotel sort of epitomized the concept of Billionaire,” said Walsh. “I became obsessed with that look for the Billionaire bottle. We already had an idea of using a crest on the bottle, like a vintage champagne bottle, and then worked again with the illustrious Chad Lavigne and associates to come up with all of the packaging and design. We used the same custom bottle as Boyfriend, but decorated it with the crest and worked with Providence Metallizing to do a metallizing process that has never been done before that makes every bottle unique—literally, no one bottle is exactly the same.”

Walsh has plans to continue her partnerships with Sephora and HSN, as well as her social media campaign, which includes those ever-so-witty “webimercials.”

“Boyfriend has been a top customer pick at HSN and exceeded all sales expectations at Sephora last year, which was so gratifying,” said Walsh. “I do have to say that my fans played a huge part in the success of Boyfriend, especially the digital and online community that has formed around the Boyfriend brand. For me, Boyfriend is all about olfactive memory...what story is each delicious Boyfriend telling. Each note of Boyfriend and Billionaire Boyfriend work together to tell a different story, and each one makes women feel a different way. Fragrance is a sensual experience and it’s important to communicate that, obviously olfactively, but visually as well. I shot a new series of webimercials for Billionaire in the Bahamas...and they are super sexy and funny, I think.”

The new eau de parfum is priced at $45.00 for 0.5 oz. and $75.00 for 1.7 oz., and is available this month at Sephora, sephora.com and hsn.com. Additional products include a pulse point oil rollerball for $22.00 and a body crème travel tube for $25.00.

As for future plans, Walsh says there are definitely more Boyfriends to come, and each one will have its own story and own olfactive category.  

“You never know what the future holds, but when I look down the road I see a Boyfriend Store!”


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