Martha Stewart Flagship Titles Make Beauty Push


Martha Stewart magazine covers
The latest issues of Martha Stewart Living and Martha Stewart Weddings.

Martha Stewart: business magnate, author, magazine publisher, television star—and beauty junkie? These days, the domestic goddess is cooking up a trove of beauty coverage for her company’s two flagship titles, Martha Stewart Living and Martha Stewart Weddings, with her signature refinement and meticulous flair.

“Martha herself is a true lover of and extremely knowledgeable about cosmetic products,” said Melissa Milrad Goldstein, a 15-year industry veteran and the beauty director of Living. “That really raises the bar for our rigorously-tested and carefully-curated coverage.”

Beauty is an especially crucial category for Weddings readers, agreed that magazine’s deputy editor and beauty and health director, Olessa Pindak. “Our reader is not only engaged, but actionable,” Pindak said. “This is the most photographed day of her life—her red carpet moment—and she’s on a sort of deadline to make everything come together perfectly.”

Living features three to six pages of front-of-book beauty coverage each month, while Weddings touts roughly five—with additional pages peppered throughout. Both magazines also have a significant digital presence in beauty, Pindak said, including the iPad editions of each publication, as well as blogs, Instagram and Pinterest accounts, exclusive video content and more.

Martha Stewart 2
Melissa Milrad Goldstein and Olessa Pindak

Living’s beauty angle specifically targets a highly tasteful and information-hungry readership, whom Milrad Goldstein termed “the quintessential DIYer. She wants to elevate her day in all ways, and beauty certainly has that transformational effect.”

Goldstein pointed to a how-to feature in the March issue “that speaks to readers in a language she can understand.” That story, on color correctors, presents different shades in the form of a color wheel—an essential decorating tool widely utilized by Living readers even if they aren’t makeup aficionados, Milrad Goldstein noted.

Weddings beauty coverage includes Get Ready Guides with advice for “the big day and beyond,” Pindak said, as well as the White Pages, a forthcoming “curated list of resources from experts across the country.”

Martha Stewart page
A featured peek into Martha Stewart’s own cosmetics case.

In May, Living will introduce its first-ever beauty awards, dubbed The Best of Beauty and Style, while Weddings will fête its 2nd annual Big Day Beauty Awards later this year.

Outside book, Living will host the 2nd annual American Made Workshop this fall, which recognizes small business owners and local artisans at Grand Central Station. This year, the event hopes to include creators of nascent beauty brands stateside, Milrad Goldstein said.

And the company’s coverage of beauty has reaped a profitable return. New and returning advertisers in 2013 include L’Oréal Paris, Lancôme, Maybelline, Neutrogena and Aveeno, the company said.

The brand is also pursuing innovative partnerships. Living collaborated with Estée Lauder and Macy’s to create a promotional iPad edition for top beauty customers last holiday season, which comprised a custom Christmas countdown video.

Overall, the company’s commitment to beauty continues to be an essential part of its identity, Milrad Goldstein said. “Our team here understands the importance of the category, and we have the tools and resources—from print to web to tablet to video—to truly present a three hundred and sixty degree view.”




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