The Estée Lauder Companies’ Leonard Lauder
and William Lauder with William Dillard III and
William Dillard II of Dillard’s.

On March 15, the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) honored William Lauder, executive chairman of The Estée Lauder Companies, and William Dillard III, vice president of Dillard’s, at their 25th Annual Awards Gala benefiting the FIT Educational Development Fund.

“We are honored to recognize William Lauder and William Dillard III this evening,” said Dr. Joyce Brown, president of FIT. “They understand the pivotal link between education and industry. And on behalf of all the students’ lives you’ve touched, I say thank you.”

Leonard Lauder, chairman emeritus of The Estée Lauder Companies, presented William (Bill) Dillard III with his award.

“I met Bill III, or B3 as I call him, when he was 10,” said L. Lauder. “Later, when he went to work for Dillard’s, everything he touched went well. He is a man that I admire, who is on his way up to do great things.”

Dillard III took the stage to thank FIT for the prestigious honor.

“We could not survive without FIT, and by helping them, we are helping ourselves,” said Dillard III. “They’re doing dynamic things that will make this industry more dynamic.”

William Dillard II, chairman of the Board and CEO of Dillard’s, presented W. Lauder with his award, saying, “It has been one of the great pleasures of my life to be friends with William and the Lauder family.”

W. Lauder closed the evening with a few words acknowledging the importance of the FIT Educational Development Fund, which provides scholarship, technology and student services support to a variety of talented individuals.

“FIT is a spectacular institution that is unique to New York and unique for New York,” said W. Lauder. “I am proud of our association with FIT as a company, and how their great students benefit our industry as a whole.”

William Dillard III with John Demsey
of The Estée Lauder Companies.
The Estée Lauder Companies’ Jane Hertzmark Hudis with Joyce Brown of FIT. William Lauder with Michael Gould of Bloomingdale’s.
The Estée Lauder Companies’ Fabrizio Freda with Eugenio Andrades of World Duty Free Group. Dillard’s Lauri Frisby, Donna Spearman-Thompson and Glenda Tracer with Dominic Pisani of Coty Prestige (2nd r.). The Estée Lauder Companies’ Lynne Greene
and Deborah Krulewitch.
FIT-6 FIT-9 FIT-10
IFF’s Anahita Mekanik and Veronique Ferval (r.) with Arcade Marketing’s Diane Crecca and Trudi Loren of The Estée Lauder Companies. L’Oréal Luxury’s Kelly Thompson and Marc Rey. The Estée Lauder Companies’ Cedric Prouvé,
Thia Breen and Jane Hertzmark Hudis.
FIT-12 FIT-11 FIT-13
LVMH’s Pamela Baxter and Lisa Hawkins. The Estée Lauder Companies’ Phebe Farrow Port with Shelley Rozenwald of Lord & Taylor (The Bay). Fresh’s Jean-Marc Plisson with Stephan Kanlian of FIT.
Chanel’s Joe Stuzis and Joyce Green.    

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