The Personal Care Products Council (PCPC) held their annual meeting this year in Palm Beach, Florida from Feb 28- March 2. Approximately 460 industry leaders gathered at The Breakers hotel to learn about innovative solutions, global markets, economic challenges and consumer branding strategies.

For 2011, PCPC reenergized attendees by changing the venue and adding new and enhanced features such as the Policy Summit, which provided an opportunity for the manufacturing community and suppliers to hear about legislative and regulatory initiatives that impact the industry.

The first general session included presentations by Lezlee Westine, president and CEO of PCPC, and Dan Brestle, council chairman of PCPC, and focused on the industry’s major challenges and goals.

“We need to better navigate the complexity of international markets in order to maximize growth and minimize risk,” said Brestle. “We also need to better understand communications. Americans now spend 117% more time online than in the last five years, and over 906 million hours a month on social media networks, which they rely on to make many of their purchasing decisions.”

One of the meeting’s keynote speakers, Joshua Cooper Ramo of Kissinger Associates, took the stage to discuss “the nature of the age.”

“There is a constant and persistent disruption in our world,” said Ramo. “There are more and more government systems emerging around the world and we are entering a period of difficult international balance. We need to think about the world with broader confidence, and realize we are more networked than ever before.”

A CEO panel including Scott Beattie, chairman, president and CEO of Elizabeth Arden, Thia Breen, president of North America for The Estée Lauder Companies, and Stefano Curti, president of J&J Consumer Products Co. Beauty, reflected on the insights of Mr. Ramo, and shared thoughts on the current state of the industry.

“The top 10 brands represent 25% of the global market,” said Beattie. “Skin care is the fastest growing category, driven by emerging markets in the Asia Pacific, and Europe is three times larger in the fragrance market than the U.S.”

Ms. Breen discussed her view of how the industry has changed since she joined The Estée Lauder Companies 30 years ago.
“When I joined the company we had three brands. Now there are 29,” said Breen. “One of the biggest changes I’ve seen is with the customer. We used to be able to manage the message to the customer, but today she creates her own using sites like YouTube.”
Mr. Curti highlighted the restructuring of the way J&J beauty brands view globalization and marketing.

“We need to understand consumer insights in China,” said Curti. “There is tremendous growth opportunity there and we are putting a lot of emphasis on that market.”

The second general session opened with keynote speaker and futurist Jim Carroll, who emphasized the rapidity of consumer change and repeated one quote in particular throughout his address, “The future belongs to those who are fast.”

A new beauty editors panel featuring Ying Chu of Marie Claire, Emily Dougherty of Elle, Genevieve Monsma of More and Amy Keller Laird of Allure, seemed to continue with this topic, while also discussing upcoming trends and innovative business strategies for their respective magazines. Each of the editors agreed that innovation is the key, with features like interactive beauty product awards, makeup tutorials and iPad applications quickly gaining popularity among readers.


PCPC’s Lezlee Westine and Louanne Roark
with Heidi Manheimer of Shiseido (c.).

P&G’s Ed Shirley and Elizabeth Arden’s Scott Beattie with Chuck Townsend of Condé Nast.

The Estée Lauder Companies’
Dan Brestle and Thia Breen.


Coty Beauty’s Karen Mileksi, Rick Goldberg,
Annette Devita, George Cleary, Ralph Macchio and Laura Weinstein.

Clarins’ Jonathan Zrihen with
Jerry Vittoria of Firmenich.

Elizabeth Arden’s Art Spiro with Marie Claire’s Ying Chu, Elle’s Emily Dougherty, More’s Genevieve Monsma and Amy Keller Laird of Allure.


Givaudan’s Cos Policastro and Diane Crecca
of Arcade Marketing.

The Dial Corporation’s Scott Moffitt with
his wife Tami, Takasago’s Sean Traynor and George Ledes of Beauty Fashion.

Ed Shirley with Frederic Rozé of L’Oréal USA.


Avon’s Susan Arnot Heaney and
Tom Sarakatsannis of L’Oréal USA.

Hearst Magazines’ Michael Clinton and
Kevin O’Malley.

Arcade Marketing’s Larry Berman and
Diane Crecca with Lauren Bitet and
Cathy Torelli of Givaudan.


Johnson & Johnson’s Stefano Curti and
May Shana’a with Bertil Heerink of Colipa.

Shiseido’s Joe Kendy and Nicholas Munafo
of LVMH Fragrances.

American Cleaning Institute’s Ernie Rosenberg with his wife Karen (l.) and Chris Elshaw of Revlon.

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