DJ Cassidy Rocks 38th Annual Beauty Ball

Beauty Ball 1BPI’s Patrice Béliard with Shiseido’s Heidi Manheimer and Carsten Fischer.


This year’s 38th annual Beauty Ball, held on March 12 at Cipriani 42nd Street, presented a new format to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the March of Dimes—culminating with a dance party headlined by world-famous DJ Cassidy.

Rather than a single “Beautiful Apple Award” winner, several past partners, including Coty, Givaudan, Avon, Shiseido, L’Oréal USA, Condé Nast and IFF, were recognized. At press time, the event had raised approximately $700,000. The program was emceed by CBS 2 anchor Kristine Johnson and featured a live-auction by CK Swett of Phillips de Pury.

“As we celebrate the organization’s rich history, we know there is much more to be done,” said Bill Boraczek, senior vice president of marketing for Coty Beauty. “Funds raised at this event will help March of Dimes to keep fighting for stronger, healthier babies—a goal Coty is proud to help work toward.”

The March of Dimes was founded in 1938 by president Franklin Delano Roosevelt and works to fight birth defects, infant mortality and premature birth. The Beauty Ball was founded by Cosmetic World’s own publisher and editor emeritus, John Ledes, in 1975. All told, the event has raised more than $35 million to benefit the March of Dimes New York Division.

2 Beauty Ball 3 Beauty Ball 4 Beauty Ball
Coty’s Lori Singer, Marc Rey and Ashley Barrett. The Estée Lauder Companies’ Elizabeth Preis and Carol Russo. Parlux’s Linda Levy, Firmenich’s Theo Spilka and Nancy Schmidt of Macy’s.
5 Beauty Ball 6 Beauty Ball 7 Beauty Ball
Beiersdorf’s Ellen Finn, Bill Graham and Carole Rissmann. Ahava’s Elana Drell Szyfer with Elizabeth Arden’s Laurie Dowley. Glamour’s Julia Fry and Maria Marino (r.) with Joyce Green and Ava Huang of Chanel.
8 Beauty Ball 9 Beauty Ball 10 Beauty Ball
Mike Indursky of Bliss with Nars’ Julia Sloan and Louis Desazars. Laurie Houlihan of L’Oréal with Arcade’s Gordon Gregg and Diane Crecca. Cosmopolitan’s Sue Katzen and Donna Kalajian Lagani with Coty’s Derek Bowen and Cysette Burset.
11 Beauty Ball 12 Beauty Ball 13 Beauty Ball
Coty’s Bill Boraczek, Nancy Halligan and Robert Kelly. Coty’s Joshua Blair, Ralph Macchio and Kevin Janeczko. Arcade’s Eric Dalbo and David Teets (r.) with Coty’s Seth Goldberger.
14 Beauty Ball 15 Beauty Ball 16 Beauty Ball
Mail Online’s Matt Kaplan and Carrie Kaplan (2nd r.) with Meredith’s Jeannine Shao Collins and Cosmetic World’s George Ledes. Global Beauty Group’s Jack Sandbach and Ashley Sandbach with Jean Zimmerman of Oscar de la Renta and Arnie Zimmerman. Givaudan’s Lori Niccoli and Karen Elliott with Mark Knitowski of Victoria’s Secret Beauty, Firmenich’s Honorine Blanc and Benedicte Bron of Bath & Body Works.
17 Beauty Ball 18 Beauty Ball 19 Beauty Ball
Arcade’s Diane Crecca with Parlux’s Nichole Kirtley. Avon’s Gail Scripko and Debbie Coffey (r.) with Liz Kaplow of Kaplow PR. GQ’s Karen Drechsler with Helen McGinley and Fran Berrick (r.) of Golf Digest and Coty’s Derek Bowen.
20 Beauty Ball 21 Beauty Ball 22 Beauty Ball
Chanel’s Karen Housman, Pam Ursem and Evelyn Couzijn. Coty’s Ruth Sutcliffe with Cosmetic World’s George Ledes. Givaudan’s Yara Karmiloff with Coty’s Marsha Brooks, Lorrie King and Nancy Halligan.
23 Beauty Ball 24 Beauty Ball 25 Beauty Ball
Golf Digest’s Fran Berrick with Jerry Vittoria of Firmenich. Givaudan’s Britta Sevin, Lauren Bitet, Rose Eckert and Geraldine Nicolai. Givaudan’s Lori Niccoli, Caroline Sabas, Marypierre Julien and Melissa Montfort.
26 Beauty Ball 27 Beauty Ball 28 Beauty Ball
Coty’s Lori Singer (2nd r.) with IFF’s Celine Barel, Yvette Ross and Julianne Pruett. Doug Zimmerman of Men’s Journal with Michelle Ebanks of Essence and Erika Bearman of Oscar de la Renta. Teen Vogue’s Jason Wagenheim, More’s Sabine Feldmann and Eric Horowitz of Elizabeth Arden.

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