On March 16, the Estée Lauder brand held a press event in New York City to celebrate women and beauty, as well as the brand’s new philosophy that “Every Woman Can Be Beautiful.” Over 190 guests gathered to hear Jane Hertzmark Hudis, global brand president of Estée Lauder, Aerin Lauder, senior vice president and creative director of Estée Lauder, and Charisse Ford, senior vice president of global marketing for Estée Lauder, reveal the beauty philosophies of the late Estée Lauder herself that have become the cornerstones of the brand.

“The phrase ‘Every Woman Can Be Beautiful,’ is still as relevant today as it was when Mrs. Lauder first used it,” said Hudis. “It is inclusive, empowering and a universal truth that appeals to women around the world. It defines modern and global beauty, and it acknowledges that this beauty comes in many forms. We are proud to take the words of our founder and use them to bring together the heritage, the image, the products, and the conversations that the Estée Lauder brand is having with women today.”

In support of this new viewpoint, the brand has recently signed three new global faces—Joan Smalls from Puerto Rico, Constance Jablonski from France and Liu Wen from China.

“Estee’s choice of models throughout the brand’s evolution was always extraordinary,” said Lauder. “We continue this legacy with a new group of diverse faces that truly represent a modern vision of beauty.”

An advertising campaign, shot by Craig McDean, features the model trio together in an ad for the first time and will be revealed in June to help communicate the desire for beautiful skin across all ethnicities.
“Our consumers are more diverse than ever before, and our research shows that 76% of women believe there is no single beauty ideal anymore,” said Ford.

A separate group of key “icon images,” featuring four of Estée Lauder’s spokesmodels—Hilary Rhoda, Ms. Smalls, Ms. Jablonski and Ms. Wen—will be unveiled in July, showcasing the women in all white to convey elegance, personality and style. The images are designed to be a modern interpretation of some of the most memorable ads Estée herself created throughout the years, and will appear globally at store level to bring the “Every Woman Can Be Beautiful” concept to life.

1 Estee lauder 2 Estee lauder 3 Estee Lauder

Estée Lauder’s spokemodels Joan Smalls, Constance Jablonski and Liu Wen.

Estée Lauder’s Jane Hertzmark Hudis, Aerin Lauder and spokesmodel Carolyn Murphy.

Carolyn Murphy with William Lauder of
Estée Lauder.

4 Estee Lauder 5 Estee Lauder  

Estée Lauder’s spokesmodels Joan Smalls, Hilary Rhoda, Constance Jablonski and
Liu Wen.

Estée Lauder’s Tom Pecheux and
Jane Hertzmark Hudis.


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