Over 500 guests from the cosmetic and publishing industries gathered at the March of Dimes 36th annual Beauty Ball on April 11 at Cipriani 42nd Street in New York City. The event, hosted by actress and singer Vanessa Williams, honored Jeannine Shao Collins, executive vice president and CIO of Meredith 360° with the Beautiful Apple Award, and Mike Bloom, executive vice president of merchandising, supply chain, marketing and advertising for CVS Caremark with the Retailer of the Year Award. Jean Hoehn Zimmerman was honored with the Volunteer Par Excellence Award for her dedication and support of the March of Dimes, as she has served as the live auction chair for the Beauty Ball for the past thirteen years.

Richard Dixon, president and CEO of branded businesses for The Jones Group, Inc., and Muriel Gonzalez, executive vice president/GMM of cosmetics, fragrances and shoes for Macy’s, presented Ms. Shao Collins with her award.

“I was born premature, and my family was terrified for my survival,” said Shao Collins. “I realized how fragile life is for preemie babies, and the professionals who work in the NICU [Neonatal Intensive Care Unit] are miracle workers. I hope to spread the mission of the March of Dimes so that every woman, no matter her status, can have a healthy baby.”

Karen Fondu, president of L’Oréal Paris, presented Mr. Bloom with his award, acknowledging that he has emerged as one of the most powerful industry innovators who has changed the way women shop beauty.

“I have been part of CVS for 30 years, and out of all the things CVS is known for, we are most proud of our commitment to the community,” said Bloom. “We are passionate about the work of the March of Dimes because we can’t ignore the statistics, and there are thousands of birth defects that we still need to find treatments for.”

Founded by Beauty Fashion’s John Ledes in 1975, the Beauty Ball has raised over $33 million to benefit the March of Dimes New York Division, a nonprofit organization working to improve the health of babies by preventing birth defects, premature birth and infant mortality.

BeautyBall-01-large BeautyBall-02 BeautyBall-03

JHZ’s Jean Hoehn Zimmerman, host Vanessa Williams and Meredith 360°’s Jeannine Shao Collins with Mike Bloom of CVS Caremark.

Mana Products’ Nikos Mouyiaris and Patrick Peters with Karen Fondu of L’Oréal Paris.

Macy’s Muriel Gonzalez and Ron Klein with Thia Breen of Estée Lauder Inc. (c.).

BeautyBall-04 BeautyBall-05 BeautyBall-06

Givaudan’s Cos Policastro and Elizabeth Arden’s Laurie Dowley and Art Spiro with Ann Gottlieb of Ann Gottlieb Associates.

IFF’s Lorenzo Cavallaro and Olivier Delcour with Guillaume de Lesquen of Ralph Lauren Fragrances (c.).

Coty Beauty’s Karen Mileski, David Russell, Laura Weinstein and Robert Kelly.

BeautyBall-07 BeautyBall-08 BeautyBall-09

Beauté Prestige International’s Barbara Luisi, Kory Marchisotto and Patrice Beliard with Jadzia Tirsch of Shiseido (2nd r.).

Maybelline NY-Garnier’s Steve Lutz, David Greenberg and Dan Kudzro.

Arie Kopelman and Arnie Zimmerman.

BeautyBall-10 BeautyBall-11 BeautyBall-12

Shiseido’s Heidi Manheimer and Carsten Fischer with Ron Klein (c.).

Macy’s Nancy Schmidt with Laurie Dowley.

Givaudan’s Rose Eckert and Elysée Scientific Cosmetics’ Linda Marshall with Pierre Wulff
of Robertet.

BeautyBall-13 BeautyBall-14 BeautyBall-15

Maesa Group’s Jill Belasco and Phillipe Cousteau of EarthEcho International.

L’Oréal USA’s Kristen Yraola and Heather Roff.

Women’s Health’s Ellen Cummings,
Miracle Skin Transformer’s Sarah McNamara and Beauty Fashion’s George Ledes with
Allison Slater of Sephora.

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