The Fragrance Foundation held their annual FiFi Finalists Breakfast on April 8 at the Mandarin Oriental in New York City.

Rochelle Bloom, president of The Fragrance Foundation, welcomed “the biggest turnout ever” to the event and announced the honorable addition of Jean Paul Gaultier to the 2011 FiFi Hall of Fame.

“We love FiFi Friday at the Mandarin Oriental,” said Bloom. “Everyone gets in the mood and looks forward to celebrating the best and most gorgeous fragrances. From the big, bold names in the industry, to the innovative, independent creators, we honor and recognize their creative skills, their artistry, and the sheer appreciation of a beautifully crafted scent. More than anything, we want the consumer to appreciate the fine art of fragrance.”

Host Lauren Glassberg of WABC-TV revealed the winners of the Editorial Excellence Awards in fragrance coverage, in which Elle took home three crystal FiFis, and Allure and Marie Claire were also honored. Additionally, the Technological Breakthrough of the Year Awards were presented in the Fragrance Creation & Formulation category to Robertet for their “Seed to Scent” program, and in the Packaging Technology & Delivery Systems category to IFF for Redken’s Radiant Sea Spray. The FiFi in this year’s new category, Information Technology, was awarded to Firmenich for their ozMOZ iPhone App.

These winners will be acknowledged once again at the FiFi Awards next month when each of the other category winners are revealed. For more information, or to purchase tickets, call 212-647-1828.

FiFiBreakfast-A-large FiFiBreakfast-01 FiFiBreakfast-02

Rochelle Bloom.

Givaudan’s Cos Policastro and Lori Singer
of Coty Prestige.

IFF’s Lorenzo Cavallaro and Jenny Corless
of Redken.

FiFiBreakfast-03 FiFiBreakfast-04 FiFiBreakfast-05

Firmenich’s Jerry Vittoria, Bath & Body Works’ Camille McDonald and Andy Clarke of Inter Parfums.

Robertet’s Olivia Jan, Pierre Wulff and
Jérome Epinette.

Marie Claire’s Ying Chu, Elle’s Emily Dougherty and Amy Keller Laird of Allure.

FiFiBreakfast-07 FiFiBreakfast-08

Mane’s Frederic Jacques, Givaudan’s Kate Greene and Marc Gunn of Six Scents Parfums.

Arcade’s Rich Nightingale, Debra Leipman-Yale and Diane Crecca (r.) with Laurie Dowley and Art Spiro of Elizabeth Arden.

Victorinox’s Pierre Salamon with Clarins’ Jonathan Zrihen, Lionel Uzan and Danyelle Boilard.

FiFiBreakfast-09 FiFiBreakfast-10 FiFiBreakfast-11

Puig’s Raquel Edery, Laure Morgenthaler,
Didier Maine de Biran and Beth Carr.

The Estée Lauder Companies’ Catherine Russell, Tom Ford Beauty’s Caroline Geerlings and Diana Espino of Sean John Fragrances.

Mane’s Jason Boland with Fragrance Resources’ Cutler Whitman and Scott Berg of Falic Fashion Group.

FiFiBreakfast-12 FiFiBreakfast-13 FiFiBreakfast-14

Givaudan’s Kate Greene, Sid Shah, Jenine Guerriero and Stephen Nilsen.

Maesa Group’s Jill Belasco with Emily Dougherty and HSN’s Mindy Grossman.

Chanel’s Christine Dagousset and Joyce Green.

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