On March 23, Chanel executives gathered with those of Bloomingdale’s for a ribbon cutting ceremony at the store’s 59th Street location in New York City to reveal a luxurious new retail space, Espace Parfum. Set within the department store, Espace Parfum is an olfactory haven where customers can indulge in the world of Chanel fragrance.

“Customers can make appointments to come in for a fragrance journey with one of our skilled fragrance experts behind the counter,” said Joyce Green, senior vice president of national sales for Chanel. “Guests have the opportunity to discover scent through patented ceramic blotters—a new way to experience fragrance without spraying.”

A Chanel-trained fragrance expert who has spent three weeks at L’Institut Supérieur International du Parfum in France, will be on hand every day to share stories about the brand’s history, inspiration, raw ingredients and the notes of each fragrance.

The Olfactive Bar, designed by Chanel deputy perfumer Christopher Sheldrake, houses the brand’s 43 fragrance concentrates, which encompass the entire range of Chanel perfumery, including limited-distribution products such as the Les Exclusifs collection, as well as Allure Sensuelle and Nº19 Eau de Parfum.

“We are very pleased to have one of the two Les Exclusifs tasting bars in the U.S.,” said Howard Kreitzman, VP/DMM of cosmetics and fragrances for Bloomingdale’s. “Once again, Chanel has set a new standard in luxurious experience.”

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Chanel’s Evelyn Couzijn, Christine Dagousset, Michelle Henry (c.) and Joyce Green (r.) with Howard Kreitzman, Francine Klein and Richard Mast of Bloomingdale’s.


Chanel’s Christine Dagousset and Kate Shone at the Olfactive Bar.
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