Fragrance Foundation 3.0

FF logo

The organization’s new logo.

A new day has dawned at The Fragrance Foundation.

The industry’s seminal non-profit organization has found itself transformed at the hands of recently-minted president, Elizabeth Musmanno. Re-imagined visual language, an updated event roster and a holistic identity that more comprehensively benefits its members are all key components of the Foundation’s new vision, Musmanno said.

Most apparently, going forward, a new logo and graphic design scheme will pervade all of its communications. Helmed by creative director Alex Wiederin of Buero New York, the new logo features mirrored letter Fs, atop of which appears a perfume bottle cap.

The logo is now featured on the Foundation’s website,—which currently serves as a voting hub for the Consumer Choice Awards.

There, visitors can either submit their e-mail addresses to vote immediately or select the “Smell & Vote” option, in which the first 50,000 voters to provide a physical address will receive a pamphlet featuring samples of the six women’s and four men’s Consumer Choice Awards nominees.

Developed by Arcade Marketing, the pamphlet features a trio of technologies that allows consumers to both smell and wear the samples, said Diane Crecca, Arcade’s senior vice president of sales, marketing and business development. “Arcade is happy to work with The Fragrance Foundation on this unique and innovative balloting system,” she said, “because it promotes to the public the importance of fragrance.”


5 FF

Selections from the Consumer Choice Awards voting pamphlet, developed by Arcade., launched April 1, will remain live until June 1, during which time nominated companies are invited to drive the public to vote, Musmanno said. “Whether it’s digital banner advertising, handouts in-store or even Lady Gaga herself tweeting to her millions of fans, nominees have carte blanche to reach out to voters in any way that they choose.”

While this initiative at once involves (and gifts) participants, it also yields a member benefit, Musmanno said, via the multitude of addresses—physical and digital—that are captured in the process. These comprise a unique target audience that can be leveraged in various ways, she said.

On June 1, Consumer Choice Awards voting will end and the full version of the Foundation’s revamped website will be unveiled. Created by King & Partners—a renowned developer of digital platforms for luxury brands—the site will feature the Foundation’s new design scheme as well as a host of new content categories.

FF website

A screenshot of the organization’s forthcoming website.

In addition to news, video and image pages, the site will feature original coverage of art, music, media, retail and more—categories that at once transcend and remain deeply connected to the world of fragrance, Musmanno said.


“The 2013 Fragrance Foundation Awards—to be held on June 12 at Alice Tully Hall in Lincoln Center—will be an evening of elegance and beauty,” Musmanno said. The event has been in the works for months, and she has tapped renowned production agency Empire Entertainment to assist in its conception.

With a refined energy harkening back to 1940s and 50s glamour, the Step and Repeat will feature a simple yet dazzling wall of flowers, Musmanno teased, across which sponsor names will be written on ribbons. Cigarette girls will greet attendees, offering corsages, boutonnieres and other floral accessories to get guests in the mood.

In addition to naming award winners, the Foundation will also celebrate Allure’s founding editor in chief Linda Wells as the 2013 Hall of Fame honoree “in recognition of her creative vision and tremendous contributions to the world of fragrance,” Musmanno said. Singer-songwriter and international sensation Taylor Swift will receive the Celebrity of the Year award.


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