1 Shiseido

Shiseido’s Katsuhiko Shibuya and Heidi Manheimer with Marc Rosen of Marc Rosen Associates.

Over 250 guests came together on April 17 to celebrate the innovative packaging designs of Shiseido at the 23rd annual Art of Packaging Award Gala hosted by Luxe Pack and Pratt Institute. Held at New York’s University Club, the gala raises funds each year to benefit the Marc Rosen Scholarship for Graduate Package Design.

Mistress of Ceremonies Carol Alt welcomed guests to the gala, and introduced Dr. Thomas Schutte, president of Pratt Institute, to provide the evening’s opening remarks.

“We are here to pay tribute to one of the preeminent names in the world of cosmetics,” said Schutte. “This year marks the 140th anniversary of Shiseido—a brand that has distinguished itself as a global leader in packaging innovation and design.”

Heidi Manheimer, CEO of Shiseido Cosmetics America, and Katsuhiko Shibuya, creative director for Shiseido Co., Ltd., accepted the award on behalf of the company.

“Beauty, we believe, is about more than just how something looks,” said Manheimer. “It’s about how it feels. How it sounds. How it functions. How it inspires. Shiseido’s tradition of marrying beauty and function began with the bottle of our very first product, Eudermine. Until that time, cosmetics in Japan had been strictly functional. But recognizing that such a bottle could also entice the eye as well as evoke an emotional response, Shiseido quickly established a unique relationship with its customers, and distinguished itself as an aesthetic leader in packaging design.”

Shibuya added, “Great package design can bring as much beauty to people’s lives as cosmetics do. It creates a special moment for people, and adds to their relationships with our brand. This is the exciting thing about what we do, and it is a privilege to work in a company that demands this of us.”

Marc Rosen, designer and professor at Pratt Institute, awarded scholarships to four Pratt students—Wei-Hsin Lin, Aaron Mickelson, Renato Martins Cerqueira and Maija Rozenfelde—for their outstanding creativity and efforts in packaging design. Altogether, the gala raised $300,000, which brings the total scholarship endowment to over $3 million.

“Tonight celebrates Shiseido’s longstanding commitment to beautiful and compelling packaging,” said Rosen. “Shiseido’s creativity will continue to serve as inspiration for our students—the packaging designers of tomorrow.”

2 Art 3 Art 4 Art
Pratt Institute’s Mark Pratt and Dr. Thomas Schutte with Marc Rosen. Adventi’s Hong Mahe with Luxe Pack’s Annik Klein and Nathalie Grosdidier. Pochet’s François Sabaté (c.) with Firmenich’s Theo Spilka (r.) and his son Stephen.
5 Art 6 Art 7 Art
Carol Alt with Heidi Manheimer and
Jadzia Tirsch of Shiseido.
SGD’s Karen Zaccaria, Peter Acerra and Amanda Bishop. Heidi Manheimer with Cos Policastro
of Givaudan.
8 Art 9 Art 10 Art
Firmenich’s Jerry Vittoria with Pamela Vaile of Pamela Vaile Associates. C+N Packaging’s Chris Young, Kristen Santoro and Heliane Bastos with Edwin Samson
of Avon (2nd r.).
Coty Prestige’s Giovanni Boiano and Kate Sprigg with Eric Dalbo of Arcade Marketing.
11 Art 12 art 13 Art
Lighthouse International’s Barbara Gydé
with Kevin Marshall of KX Associates.
Shiseido’s Nicole Cardillo, Jen Vasile, Judy Pham, Christina Iwasko and Gisela Ballard. Replete Skincare’s Josh Horowitz and
Elisabeth Thieriot.
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