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Arcade Marketing, provider of fragrance, cosmetic and personal care sampling solutions, is maximizing the use of digital platforms with the launch of its Interactive Sampling program—a solution that allows consumers who engage with brands in a digital environment to request product samples and have them delivered to their home in less than a week.

Arcade’s Interactive Sampling solution (referred to as iSampling) delivers customer acquisition, sampling programs, email support and total campaign measurement, designed to work in parallel with a brand’s existing social, digital and offline marketing strategy.

“The iSampling program helps you turn your digital presence into an efficient sales and customer acquisition platform,” said Rich Nightingale, vice president of Interactive Group for Arcade Marketing. “Through this cost-effective campaign, consumers are raising their hands and asking for samples, which is a real value for brand marketers.”

The benefits of this new technology, which can be used for color, fragrance, skin care, cosmetic and treatment samples, include reaching consumers where they are increasingly spending time, developing one-on-one relationships with brands that have been initiated by consumers, creating a referral program within each campaign to let consumers promote brands directly with their friends, and providing end-of-campaign measurement of activity and sales performance.

“A referral is the single most significant driver of purchase intent,” said Nightingale. “Our interactive programs allow consumers to champion your product on your behalf, collect important data that helps brands analyze programs across channels, and generate detailed customer profiles including Facebook ‘Likes’ that drive ongoing engagement with each brand.”

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Arcade published a case study with a celebrity sampling campaign via Facebook, which generated excitement and sold out of samples to 100,000 of the celebrity’s Facebook fans. Results of this study showed that more than 87% of the fans who came to the fragrance page during the campaign requested a sample. Also, time spent with the brand on Facebook increased by more than 100% while the campaign was live, and more than 1,000 comments were posted to the celebrity’s Facebook page. Follow-up campaign emails were sent to consumers post-campaign and more than 45% of consumers who opened the emails clicked to a retail partner’s site where the fragrance could be purchased.

In this issue of Cosmetic World, the Arcade Marketing ad features a QR Code to test this new program by clicking through with a smartphone to receive an Arcade-generated free sample.

“At the end of the day, our sole focus is to support brands in providing product trials and making connections with the right consumers by using today’s technology,” said Nightingale.


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