ck one

Ck one, the Calvin Klein brand known for its authentic, cool attitude, is expanding into the world of cosmetics with the launch of ck one color. With 19 products in a multitude of shades and categories, the new collection offers a simplified approach to beauty that embraces individualism and defies stereotypes—two key principles that the brand stands for.

“The ck one color cosmetics line was a natural progression to build on the brand’s strong fragrance roots and iconic heritage for androgynous beauty,” said Thomas Burkhardt, vice president of global marketing for Calvin Klein Fragrances. “With this full line of color cosmetics, we further address the consumers’ desire to define their individuality.”

ck one 2

Ck one color has developed a unique positioning, with products organized based on self-exploration through three ‘dimensions’ of beauty: look real, define yourself and add intensity.

“The look real segment inspires consumers to strive for authentic beauty; define yourself showcases high-precision products that are used to enhance facial features; and add intensity offers a range of colorful products for self-expression,” said Burkhardt.

Designed by Lloyd & Co., the ck one color packaging design features an understated pill shape that is modern and minimalist, which offers simplicity in a black and white silhouette.

“The packaging furthers the code-breaking legacy of the ck one brand, and features a contrast of soft touch matte and high gloss finishes that is playful and edgy,” said Burkhardt.

The collection ranges in price from $13.00 to $32.00, and will be sold exclusively at Ulta and beginning this month. International distribution currently includes retailers in Spain, Portugal, Australia and France, and will expand by the end of the year to select retailers in the U.K., Germany, Latin America and travel retail.


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