Dior Updates: Snow and Show

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Diorsnow Anti-Spot Serum

Skin care is very much front and center within Dior’s portfolio of new products.

The brand has channeled its innovative research into the Diorsnow skin care collection, featuring exclusive Icelandic Glacial Water technology. This rare and precious active water is protected from the very heart of Iceland’s thousand-year-old immaculate glaciers and gifted with unique brightening powers.

The new technology behind the Diorsnow collection combines over a decade of research with the powers of Icelandic Glacial Water and TEC—Dior’s exclusive brightening complex—for a more even, luminous complexion.

Devoid of pollution, Icelandic Glacial Water is derived from snow and ice, and has been running for over 400 years through volcanic rock formations without ever coming into contact with the surrounding atmosphere. The filtration process leaves it with rare properties, different from traditional mineral waters.

Iceland’s lava rocks act as a shield, and protect water from the external environment. The slow filtration process of the water through lava gives the water the power to counteract acidity—which is known to trigger the production of melanin—and improve overall radiance and evenness of the skin.

A low production of filaggrin—a protein that binds keratin fibers in epithelial cells—makes skin more susceptible to external aggressions and increases the production of melanin. In an area of the skin with visible spots, the production of filaggrin is 66% lower than in normal skin.

Diorsnow Anti-Spot Serum corrects visible and developing spots via patented technology that targets the production of filaggrin in the skin, increasing production by 22% in pigmented areas. Existing spots become less visible while new-forming spots are cleared before they even begin to appear on the skin’s surface. It is priced at $150.00.

Diorsnow White Reveal Extreme Cooling Gel Mask allows skin to reset its temperature, slowing down melanocyte biological processes and reducing the activity of tyrosinase (responsible for melanin production) by up to 18%. It lowers the skin’s temperature and creates a brighter, more luminous complexion. It is available at select Macy’s and is priced at $95.00.

The Diorsnow UV collection features ectoin, a new, active ingredient. Diorsnow UV Shield SPF 50 PA +++ offers tri-dimensional protection, and it has a lightweight, moisturizing texture. Diorsnow BB Crème White Reveal UV Protection SPF 50 PA +++ protects and brightens as well as contains a color-correcting pigment. Diorsnow UV BB Eye Crème diminishes dark spots, boosts microcirculation and targets dark circles, while providing sun protection. Prices range from $49.00 to $58.00.

Keeping the complexion fresh and clean just got a lot easier with the Diorsnow Cleansing Collection. It consists of Diorsnow White Reveal Gentle Purifying Foam, White Reveal Wipe-Off Gel (select Macy’s), White Reveal Lotion 1-Fresh (select Macy’s), White Reveal Lotion 2-Rich and White Reveal Renewing Mask (select Macy’s) ranging in price from $45.00 to $150.00.

Additional Diorsnow Treatments are D-NA Control White Reveal Day Essence, White Reveal Fresh Crème, White Reveal Purifying Fluid and White Reveal Illuminating Eye Treatment. They range in price from $73.00 to $145.00.

For the first time, Dior has combined the anti-aging properties of Capture Totale with protection against UV damage and environmental aggressors in a new generation of UV protection skin care treatments. Along with broad-spectrum UVA/UVB filters, a combination of TP-vityl and survivyl are the star players in Dior Capture Totale Multi-Perfection UV Base SPF 50 and Capture Totale Multi-Perfection Makeup Base SPF 25. They are priced at $65.00 and $50.00, respectively.

Dior Hydra Life BB Crème offers two new shades to suit more skin tones, priced at $56.00.

The original backstage star, Diorshow Mascara, has undergone a makeover in design. The new presentation features a deep blue bottle and “logo mania” ring, and is available in three shades. It is priced at $25.00.

All of the new products are available at Dior counters nationwide and at dior.com.


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Diorsnow BB Crème White Reveal UV
SPF 50 PA +++


Diorsnow UV BB Eye Crème Dior White Reveal
Gentle Purifying
Diorsnow White Reveal Lotion 2-Rich Diorsnow D-NA Control White Reveal Day Essence A new look for Diorshow Mascara

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