Nordstrom’s Laurie Black, Bumble and bumble’s Peter Lichtenthal and The Young Group’s Karen Young with Bliss’ Mike Indursky and Jill Scalamandre of Chrysallis.

The Fashion Group International hosted a beauty symposium with a panel of industry experts to discuss the various changes in consumer behavior. Held in New York City on May 2, the symposium featured the insights and ideas of esteemed panelists Mike Indursky, president of Bliss; Jill Scalamandre, chief marketing officer for Chrysallis; Peter Lichtenthal, president of Bumble and bumble; and Laurie Black, GMM/EVP of cosmetics for Nordstrom. Additionally, Laura McEwen, vice president and publisher of Self, and Elaine D’Farley, beauty director at Self, presented a media point of view, backing up the claim that “women are now all about social beauty,” and the importance of cross-promotion across all social media channels.

“It is our job to create an authentic conversation with our readers, and talk with them, not at them,” said D’Farley. “Readers are no longer just receivers, they are partners. Social is the new syndication.”

Moderator Karen Young, CEO of The Young Group, asked each panelist to describe their company’s efforts towards “changing lanes” by addressing changes in consumer behavior through reinvention and innovation.

Indursky pointed out the many options that brands have now when it comes to choosing how to communicate with their consumers.

“We are losing control of our communication,” said Indursky. “Now, the consumer outnumbers us, and they have the power to tell our story in a different way—which may be a way we don’t want. I think it is important to think about what is the best tool to tell your story,
and make sure the brand speaks with one voice across all channels.”

According to Scalamandre, StriVectin (a Chrysallis brand) has always been a brand that has “changed lanes.”

“We’ve updated our packaging and relaunched our advertising to fix the communication of the brand,” said Scalamandre. “It’s important to send a clear brand message.”

Lichtenthal discussed Bumble and bumble’s ability to continue to break precedence by breaking the barrier between salon brands and retail brands, which has exponentially increased the brand’s accessibility and awareness.

“We wanted to expand distribution to reach consumers who weren’t attending our salons, and then as a result, drive them to the salons after they used the products,” said Lichtenthal. “It’s important to ‘change lanes,’ but still continue to build on your core equity.”

To provide the retail point of view, Black explained Nordstrom’s “customer-centric” product and service

“To implement change and increase customer satisfaction based on reviews, we eliminated fragrance models from our floors and moved men’s fragrance to the men’s section of the store,” said Black. “We also just launched our revamped personal book system, and we think its going to be amazing, especially in beauty.”

Macy’s Linda Levy and Nancy Schmidt with Margaret Hayes of Fashion Group International (c.). Self’s Elaine D’Farley and Laura McEwen. The Estée Lauder Companies’ Bari Seiden,
Thia Breen and Marisa Thalberg.
P&G Prestige’s Marc Bachman and
Glenn Renegar with Bettina Bamberger
and Nicholas Munafo of LVMH.
Givaudan’s Cos Policatro and Michael Carby. Lord & Taylor (The Bay)’s Barbara Zinn Moore and Liz Rodbell with Mike Indursky (c.).

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