Over 2,600 visitors—a 10.2% increase over last year—attended the 10th edition of Luxe Pack New York, the luxury-packaging exhibition, which featured 141 exhibitors at The Altman Building & Metropolitan Pavilion in New York City on May 16 and 17.

“This year, Luxe Pack New York had a very dynamic atmosphere with increases in attendance, very strong seminars and the anniversary celebration,” said Nathalie Grosdidier, executive director of Luxe Pack. “Visitors and exhibitors reported feeling very optimistic about the future of the market and expressed their belief in the show.” 

Some of the exhibiting companies included Bormioli Luigi, C+N USA-Poland, Stoelzle USA, Gerresheimer, Heinz Glas, MWV, Pochet of America and SGD North America.

As part of a widespread array of seminars and conferences, Marc Rosen, president of Marc Rosen Associates, moderated a seminar with four panelists entitled, “Product, Packaging, Promotion and Passion, ‘The Four P’s’” on May 16.

Revlon’s founder Charles Revson taught me about the “Three P’s”—he felt that the key to a brand’s success was the right Product, Packaging and Promotion,” said Rosen. “The fourth ‘P’, the one he took as a given—Passion, is something we all need to tap into. We need to see how we can look backward to go forward.”

Karen Young, president of The Young Group, suggested looking at packaging as both a message, and a vessel.

“Packaging is an integrated part of the entire product experience, and provides a significant brand message that communicates with consumers,” said Young. “Packaging today has to work harder than ever, and should reinforce the product’s behavior.”

Young referred to a few examples of packaging successes, including Clé de Peau Beauté’s La Crème, Valentino’s Valentina Parfum, Dior’s Garden Clutch Palette and Benefit’s Watt’s Up.

International fragrance designer, Raymond Matts, spoke about the fourth “P”, Passion, and said, “What we smell is pure liquid emotion, and there is nothing more exciting than when notes fall into place. Being passionate means allotting for time to create and discover.”

Doug Virtue, president of Virtue Development, also spoke about the fourth “P.”

“After 22 years at Virtue Development, I know we definitely have passion in our office, and with much reason—today’s manufacturers are a skilled group.”

Mark Polson, vice president of creativity and business innovation for The Estée Lauder Companies, added a fifth “P” to the discussion—People.

“Companies don’t innovate, people do,” said Polson. “Engaged employees drive the organization and work with passion. The key is to get people to respond to your passion.”

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Virtue Development Company’s Doug Virtue and The Young Group’s Karen Young with Raymond Matts, Marc Rosen Associates’ Marc Rosen and Mark Polson of The Estée Lauder Companies. Gerresheimer’s Nicola Balena and
Patrick Etchaubard.
SGD’s Amanda Bishop and Veronique Leblond.
4 Luxe Pack 5 Luxe Pack 6 Luxe Pack
Stoelzle Glass’ Neil Robson. Pochet’s Kal Kalyanasundaram and John Marsden with The Estée Lauder Companies’ Allan Hafkin and Daven Gotlib of Qualipac. Bormioli Luigi’s Olga Bursac.
7 Luxe Pack 8 Luxe Pack 9 Luxe pack
MWV’s Alex Espinoza and Mark Frey. C+N USA-Poland’s Ewa Skiba, Brooks Markert and Kristen Santoro. Heinz Glas’ Jeff Kokoszka, Ute Schaller,
Lynda Bolnick and Maurice Corrigan.
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