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Coscentrix’s Jill Belasco and The Estée Lauder Companies’ Leonard Lauder with Jane Lynch.

The Fragrance Foundation’s 40th Anniversary FiFi Awards honored the extraordinary talent and achievement of the international fragrance industry at an awards celebration at Alice Tully Hall, Lincoln Center in New York City on May 21.

Among the roster of industry insider attendees was a posh group of celebrities, including Mariska Hargitay, Chaka Khan, Josh Groban, Tyson Chandler, Michelle Monaghan, Nicole Richie and Martha Stewart.

That’s not to mention Jane Lynch, actress and star of the hit television series Glee, who hosted the evening’s awards, and kept the audience roaring with laughter at her comedic bits.

“Asking me to host the FiFi’s made perfect sense,” said Lynch. “When you think of a sexy, delicate floral fragrance, you think of Jane Lynch right?”

Jill Belasco, chairperson of The Fragrance Foundation, took the stage to welcome all industry guests and Foundation members.

“2012 is a critical year for us, as we are redefining the role of the Foundation, as well as refocusing our mission to inspire, educate and win over new consumers to the fragrance category,” said Belasco. “Change is good, and our Board is committed to the evolution and revitalization of the Foundation in this year.”

The Legacy of Excellence tribute honored the late Evelyn Lauder, and was presented by Karyn Khoury, senior vice president of corporate fragrance development worldwide for The Estée Lauder Companies, and Leonard Lauder, chairman emeritus of The Estée Lauder Companies.

“Evelyn was a one-of-a-kind creative spirit, and her work in fragrance creation always had a special place in her heart,” said Khoury. “Thank you to The Fragrance Foundation for celebrating Evelyn’s unique creativity and vision.”

Christine Dagousset, executive vice president of fragrance and beauté for Chanel, accepted the Hall of Fame Recipient Award in honor of GabrielleCoco” Chanel, whose extraordinary ingenuity, creativity and dedication to the world of fashion and fragrance was unparalleled.

“Coco changed the way we wear fragrance,” said Dagousset. “In many ways she remains a mystery, but she is the life in every decision we make as a brand, and today, the brilliant Jacques Polge keeps the desire alive.”

Global popstar Justin Bieber received the Elizabeth Taylor Fragrance Celebrity of the Year Award, which celebrates the singer’s ongoing success since the launch of his first, record-breaking fragrance, Someday by Justin Bieber.

2 FiFi 3 FiFi 4 FiFi
Firmenich’s Armand de Villoutreys and
Patrick Firmenich (2nd r.) with Robert Hollander and Paul West of Give Back Brands.
Givaudan’s Cos Policastro with Ann Gottlieb Associates’ Ann Gottlieb and Art Spiro of Elizabeth Arden. P&G Prestige’s Carolyn Tastad and Don Loftus with Linda Levy of Macy’s.
5 Fifi 6 FiFi 7 FiFi
The Estée Lauder Companies’ Fabrizio Freda with Christine Dagousset and John Galantic of Chanel. Bath & Body Works’ Camille McDonald
with Jerry Vittoria of Firmenich.
IFF’s Laurent Le Guernec and Nicolas Mirzayantz with Laurice Rahme of Bond No. 9 New York (c.).
8 FiFi 9 FiFi 10 FiFi
Tom Ford Beauty’s Caroline Geerlings
and Vanita Sabnani.
Coty Beauty’s Seth Goldberger and
Derek Bowen with Jane Lynch (c.).
Inter Parfums’ Jean Madar with
Michelle Monaghan.
11 Fifi 12 Fifi 13 FiFi
Robertet’s Christophe Maubert, Sidonie Lancesseur and Jérôme Epinette. SGD’s Gregory Cummings, Ashok Sudan, Shéhérazade Chamlou and Peter Acerra. Takasago’s Yoshinari Niimura and Sean Traynor.
14 FiFi 15 FiFi 16 FiFi
Firmenich’s Theo Spilka with Noreen Dodge
of Give Back Brands.
Luxasia’s Patrick Chong with Cedric Prouvé
of The Estée Lauder Companies.
LVMH’s Nicholas Munafo with Barbara Zinn Moore of Lord & Taylor (The Bay).
17 FiFi 18 FiFi 19 Fifi
L’Oréal USA’s Marc Rey, Rosemarie Sterling, Sherry El-Gawly, Noelle Denlinger and
Justin Hartman.
TPR Holdings’ Brian Robinson with
Nicole Richie.
GAF Consulting’s George Fernandez and Mane’s Mireya Zendejas and Frederic Jacques (r.) with Kamila Golebiewska of Maesa Group.

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