On May 24, Beauty Fashion celebrated the much-anticipated FiFi Awards with a cocktail party at Doubles in New York City.

BF party 1 2 BF party 3 BF party

CEI’s Justin Spiro and Lord & Taylor’s Barbara Zinn Moore with Art Spiro of Elizabeth Arden.

Fusion Brands’ Ali Fadakar and Dana Kline with Allure’s Linda Wells and Mike Indursky of Bliss.

Pochet’s Gerald Walle, François Sabaté and Charles de Forges with Christophe de Villeplee
of IFF (2nd l).

4 BF party 5 BF party 6 BF party

Stuart Weitzman’s Gaetano Sallorenzo and Beauty Fashion’s George Ledes with Gus Bezas of Milbar Labs.

Lampe Berger’s Cherry Robinson with P&G Prestige’s Don Loftus and Alison Mazzola
of Alison Mazzola Communications.

CEW’s Lisa Klein and Carlotta Jacobson (r.)
with Lucky’s Mary Zegras and Lori Singer
of Coty Prestige.

7 BF party 8 BF party 9 BF party

Elizabeth Arden’s Ron Rolleston with
Jerry Vittoria of Firmenich.

New Wave Fragrances’ Zoe Bartels and
Salo Lekach with Lauren Bitet of Givaudan.

IFF’s Bertrand Lemont, Laurent Le Guernec and Mehdi Lisi with Coty’s Ruth Sutcliffe (2nd l.).

10 BF party 11 BF party 12 BF party

Palm Beach Beauté’s Harold Ickovics and
Paul Smith (r.) and Virtue Development’s
Doug Virtue with Werner Hofmann.

Falic Fashion Group’s Joelle Guedalia with George Ledes and Givaudan’s Cathy Torelli.

Robertet’s Jerome Épinette, Olivia Jezler,
Pierre Wulff and Lorene Broc.

13 BF party 14 BF party 15 BF party

The Fragrance Foundation’s Mary Ellen Lapsansky, Terry Molnar and Amy Rubin.

Marc Rosen Associates’ Marc Rosen with SGD’s Shéhérezade Chamlou and Peter Acerra and Rochelle Bloom of The Fragrance Foundation

Pochet’s Stephane Vincenti with Kevin Marshall of Marc Rosen Associates.

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