FF Pops Cork
Gail Monaghan and Joshua Wesson Wine & Food’s Joshua Wesson with Mane’s Ellen Molner, The Fragrance Foundation’s Terry Molnar and Harry Frémont of Firmenich.

The Fragrance Foundation’s Associate Board hosted its annual Pop Your Cork event at City Winery in New York City on June 5. Following the theme, “Price, Perception and Pleasure,” industry guests sampled a four-course tasting menu, along with two wines for each course—a blind sampling of high vs. low price selections.

Additionally, Ellen Molner, principal perfumer and vice president of artistic direction at Mane, and Harry Frémont, master perfumer at Firmenich, created a duo of fragrance accords for each course, continuing with the concept of one scent being more expensive than the other.

“Tonight we’ve doubled up on the wine you’re tasting and the fragrances you’re sniffing,” said Terry Molnar, executive director of The Fragrance Foundation. “We are interested to see if your senses suggest a correlation between price and pleasure.”

Joshua Wesson, founding partner of Joshua Wesson Wine & Food, demonstrated unique ways to sniff and taste wine, while teaching guests about different varietals and geographical regions.

“If you rely on what your nose and tongue are telling you, without seeing the price or the bottle, a lot can be revealed through the olfactive side of a wine,” said Wesson.

Gail Monaghan, cooking author, teacher and culinary explorer, created a delectable tasting menu including saffron-scented lobster risotto and pan-roasted duck magret.

“I was inspired by the wine and the food, and it’s a perfumer’s dream to create fragrances without price
limitations, and to show the differences between essential oils and their prices,” said Molner.

2 pop Cork 3 Pop Cork 4 Pop Cork
Firmenich’s Westly Morris and Jerry Vittoria with Ron Rolleston of Elizabeth Arden (c.). Arcade Marketing’s Melissa Goldstein, Diane Crecca, Larry Berman, Marine Ravera and Taylor Ryan. Elizabeth Arden’s Art Spiro with
Michel Mane of Mane.
5 Pop cork 6 Pop cork 7 Pop cork
Robertet’s Pierre Wulff and Jérôme Epinette. Clarins Fragrance Group’s Dena Smith,
Ben Guerin and Claire Corgan.
Victoria’s Secret Beauty’s Mark Knitowski
with Frederic Jacques of Mane.
8 Pop cork 9 Pop cork 10Pop cork
LVMH’s Bettina Bamberger, Dorothee Boeuf, Nicholas Munafo and Jessica Barlow. Robertet’s Julien Boyé and Olivia Jan with Karen Huntoon of Elizabeth Arden. Firmenich’s Hilary Ernsberger, Jerry Vittoria, Arpi Buzantian and Heidi Rosenthal.
11 Pop Cork 12 Pop Cork 13 pop Cork
Robertet’s Jennifer Powderly and Rhona Stokols with Gail Boyé of mark. (c.). Mane’s Marylou Rodriguez and Syed Shamil. Clarins Fragrance Group’s Lisa D’Angelo and Anthony Maiorana with Frederic Jacques.

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