Arcade Marketing, one of the top sampling solutions providers for the beauty industry, hosted its annual Summer Solstice Party at the Central Park Boathouse in New York City on June 16.

Company president Debra Leipman-Yale and her team celebrated with more than 400 guests over cocktails, dancing and a sumptuous surf and turf buffet, which included the summertime favorite, lobster.

Arcade 1 Arcade 2 Arcade 3

Arcade Marketing’s Rich Nightingale,
Debra Leipman-Yale and Marielle Chartier
with Marc Pages.

Arcade LatAm’s Fabio Navarro and
Jerome Massei (r.) with Philippe Ughetto
and Marielle Chartier of Arcade Europe.

CEI’s Justin Spiro and Elizabeth Arden’s
Art Spiro with Arcade Marketing’s Sonia Milfort and Jim Krivda of Mane.

Arcade 4 Arcade 5 Arcade 6

Arcade Marketing’s Cheryl Yannotti, Marine Ravera, Christiane Vieu and Janet Shanberge.

Givaudan’s Cathy Torelli with Camille McDonald of Bath & Body Works and
Diane Crecca of Arcade Marketing.

The Fragrance Foundation’s Rochelle Bloom, Mary Ellen Lapsansky and Amy Rubin with Linda Levy of Macy’s (2nd r.).

Arcade 7 Arcade 8 Arcade 9

Arcade Marketing’s Dave Teets with
Sarah Golden, Lori Singer and Giovanni Boiano of Coty Prestige.

Firmenich’s Westly Morris and Joanne Halev (r.) with Jacqueline Singer and TPR Holdings’
Neil Katz.

Oscar de la Renta’s Jean Hoehn Zimmerman with Lyle Saunders and Laurie Palma of Chanel.

Arcade 10 Arcade 11 Arcade 12

CEW’s Lisa Klein and Carlotta Jacobson with Debra Leipman-Yale (c.).

Victoria’s Secret Beauty’s Ray Mauro and Belmay’s John Wallace with Brian Sardo and Rob MacDonald of Fragrance Resources.

IFF’s Olivier Delcour, Yvette Ross and
Angello Kostandas.

Arcade 13 Arcade 14 Arcade 15

Elizabeth Arden’s Paul Melomo and Color Optics’ Joe Cicci with Joe DeLise of Fusion Brands.

Givaudan’s Caroline Sabas, Claude Charmoille and Calice Becker.

Fashion Group International’s Margaret Hayes and Jerry Vittoria of Firmenich.

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