Beauty Fashion Party Doubles The FUN

On the eve of the Fragrance Foundation Awards, Cosmetic World and Beauty Fashion invited friends and colleagues to celebrate the industry’s biggest night of the year.


Beauty Fashion party 1 Beauty Fashion party 3 Beauty Fashion party 4
Frederic Jacques, George Ledes, Elizabeth Musmanno and Pierre Wulff. Chris Del Gatto with Veronica Webb, Tatijana Shoan and Scott Fishkind of As If Magazine. Elizabeth Arden’s Ron Rolleston, Fred Rakity of Takasago, Rose Eckert of Givaudan and Firmenich’s Theo Spilka.
BF party 2 BF party 5 BF party 6
Linnea Sensenbaugh and Lorenzo Borghese. Seventeen’s Margurite Berard with John Stella of Elizabeth Arden, Carol Russo of The Estée Lauder Companies and Howard Kreitzman of Bloomingdale’s. Doug Virtue of Virtue Development and Tom Virtue of Agilex with Francesco Borghese and Lorenzo Borghese.
BF party 7 BF party 8 BF party 9
Firmenich’s Theo Spilka with Dana Kline and
Andy Clarke of Inter Parfums.
Coty’s Ruth Sutcliffe (2nd r.) with Fragrance Resources’ Kathleen McGrath, Michael Simpson and Gabi Chelariu. The Estée Lauder Companies’ Daniel Rachmanis and Alan Hairabedian.
BF 10 BF 11 BF 12
Howard Kreitzman of Bloomingdale’s with Mike Indursky of Bliss and Nancy Schmidt of Macy’s. Dennis Keogh and Mark Husmann of Fragrance Marketing Inc. Tanya Pushkine of Clarins with Bayly Ledes of Robert Piguet Parfums.
BF 13 BF 14 BF 15
Francine Gingras of Elizabeth Arden with Luc Malfait of Takasago. IFF’s Julianne Pruett with Greg Reznik of Inter Parfums and Nicole Hilz Parks of Mary Kay. Scott Kestenbaum of The Maesa Group with Dana Kline.
BF 16 BF 17 BF 18
Werner Hofmann of WHConsulting, Cosmetic World’s Debra Davis, MAC’s Isabelle Bauer Rovner and Dr. Aron Rovner. Givaudan’s Cathy Torelli (3rd l.) with Mary Kay’s Elaine Jay, Michelle Bashor, Rusty Wright, Nicole Hilz Parks and Kristen Barron. Gale Hayman of Gale Hayman Beverly Hills with Cosmetic World’s George Ledes.
BF 19 BF 20 BF 21
Howard Kreitzman of Bloomingdale’s, Debra McDonough of Advantage Beauty Marketing and Nicholas Ratut of Aquila International. Francesco Borghese with Margurite Berard of Seventeen, Cosmetic World’s George Ledes and James Berard of Scentisphere. The Estée Lauder Companies’ Daniel Rachmanis, SGD’s Shéhérazade Chamlou, Michel Mane and Westly Morris of Mane and drom’s Mark Murphy.
BF 22 BF 23 BF 24
Marc Rosen of Marc Rosen Associates with Arlene Dahl. Philippe Ughetto and Diane Crecca of Arcade. Larry Berman and Charlie Feid (r.) of Arcade with Nicole Hilz Parks of Mary Kay.
BF 25 BF 26 BF 28
HBA Global’s Annie Scully and Caitlin Carragee with Mike Indursky of Bliss and Jennifer Walsh of Behind the Brand Media. Arcade’s Diane Crecca and Eric Dalbo (r.) with
Joe Bierman of Grace Beauty.
Maurice Roucel and Rhona Stokols (r.) of Symrise with KVD NYC’s Kim-Van Dang and Anthony Roberts.
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