Maybelline Talks Risk Reward at CEW

Cosmetic Executive Women (CEW) took guests at its Women & Men in Beauty Series behind the closed doors of beauty powerhouse Maybelline during a wide-ranging panel discussion entitled “Beauty Risk-Taker” on June 25 at New York’s Harmonie Club.

Panelists David Greenberg, president of Maybelline New York, Garnier and essie, and Carolyn Holba—senior vice president of marketing for those brands—discussed the cutting-edge products and innovative technologies that have solidified Maybelline’s place as a leader in the mass beauty space.


1 CEW Maybelline 2 CEW Maybelline 3 CEW Maybelline
CEW’s Carlotta Jacobson with Maybelline’s David Greenberg and Carolyn Holba Maybelline’s David Greenberg and Carolyn Holba with Jill Scalamandre of CEW. Maybelline’s Wendy Charland, Ali Goldstein, Maialen Carbajo and Olivier Duval.
4 CEW Maybelline 5 CEW Maybelline 6 CEW Maybelline
Maybelline’s Betsy Matthews and Greta Fox (r.) with Cheryl Kramer Kaye of Shape. L’Oréal’s Nancy Williams with Elena Skountzos of Firmenich Emma Forschler of Elizabeth Arden with The Estée Lauder Companies’ Thia Breen.
7 CEW Maybelline 8 CEW 9 CEW
CEW’s Carlotta Jacobson with Laurie Dowley of Elizabeth Arden. Frank Fazzinga III and Joe Bierman of Grace Beauty with Kathleen Walas. Laurie Dowley of Elizabeth Arden with Kate Kelly Smith and Karen Sullivan of Hearst.
10 CEW 11 CEW 12 CEW
Givaudan’s Angela Barrett and Rose Eckert
(2nd r.) with Ashli Hamilton of Ann Gottlieb Associates and Diane Nicholson of NPD Group.
Mane’s Marine Giron, Eliana Afonso, M. Laure Estrada and Westly Morris. Cosmopolitan’s Michele Nevitt, Sue Katzen and Christine Hermosa of Optimedia.
  13 CEW  
  Eve Bercovici and Cindy Beesmer (r.) of Emmis Communications with Hearst’s Patricia Foster and Megan Owsik.  

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