ARCADE Marketing Fêtes Summer Solstice!

Leading sampling solutions provider Arcade Marketing hosted its annual Summer Solstice Party at New York’s Central Park Boathouse on June 27.

Employees, friends and colleagues gathered to celebrate the season and enjoyed the event’s sprawling and much-beloved ‘surf and turf’ buffet.


1 Arcade 2 Arcade 3 Arcade
Serge Jureidini, Veronique Gabai-Pinsky, Stephane de la Faverie Ron Rolleston, Elizabeth Musmanno, Diane Crecca, Cutler Whitman Vanessa Khedouri, Rob Hawk, Susan Kelly, Lori Singer, Noreen Dodge and Leah Stackpole
4 Arcade 5 Arcade 6 Arcade
Firmenich’s Jerry Vittoria and Theo Spilka (r.) with Arcade’s Serge Jureidini and Neil Katz. Arcade’s Larry Berman with Tamara Steele and Ron Rolleston (r.) of Elizabeth Arden and Theo Spilka of Firmenich. Dana Kline with Claudia Lucas of QVC.
7 Aracde 8 Arcade 9 Arcade
The Clarins team. Arcade’s Diane Crecca with the Museum of Art and Design’s Chandler Burr and Olivia Bransbourg of Takasago. The Estée Lauder Companies’ Joe Cook with Arcade’s Sonia Milfort and David Teets.
10 Arcade 11 Arcade 12 Arcade
CEW’s Lisa Klein and Carlotta Jacobson (2nd r.) with Givaudan’s Kate Greene, Arcade’s Diane Crecca and Ann Gottlieb of Ann Gottlieb Associates. Arcade’s Rich Nightingale and Eric Dalbo (r.) with Thomas Butkiewicz of The Cloudbreak Group. Tom Knotek of Bath & Body Works with Firmenich’s Joanne Halev and Jerry Vittoria (r.), Ann Gottlieb of Ann Gottlieb Associates and Diane Crecca of Arcade.
13 Arcade 14 Arcade 15 Arcade
Grace Beauty’s Frank Fazzinga III and Joe Bierman (r.) with Diane Crecca of Arcade. Serge Jureidini of Arcade with Ann Gottlieb of Ann Gottlieb Associates and Givaudan’s Rodrigo Flores-Roux. Arcade’s Eric Dalbo with Givaudan’s Lori Niccoli and Amy Rueckl (r.) and Art Spiro of Elizabeth Arden.
16 Arcade 17 Arcade 18 Arcade
Westly Morris of Mane with Elizabeth Arden’s Art Spiro, Takasago’s Frederic Jacques and Fred Rakity (r.) and Neil Katz. Mane’s Westly Morris and Jim Krivda (r.) with Doreen Bollhofer of Doreen Bollhofer Associates. IFF’s Laurent Le Guernec, Takasago’s Patricia Choux, Art Spiro of Elizabeth Arden, Arcade’s Diane Crecca and Ann Gottlieb of Ann Gottlieb Associates.
19 Arcade 20 Arcade 21 Arcade
IFF’s Vincent Nayel and Matt Frost (r.) with Ron Rolleston of Elizabeth Arden. Firmenich’s Theo Spilka with Art Spiro of Elizabeth Arden, Dana Kline and Pierre Wulff of Robertet. drom’s Rob MacDonald with Mane’s Amy Caljean, Tony Cannone and Vincent Kuczinski.
22 Arcade 23 Arcade 24 Arcade
IFF’s Lorenzo Cavallaro and Olivier Delcour (r.) with Arcade’s Rich Nightingale. Tom Knotek of Bath & Body Works with Symrise’s Rhona Stokols and John Lando. Takasago’s Laura Lombra with Arcade’s Sonia Milfort and Rich Nightingale.
26 Arcade  
Cutler Whitman of Fragrance Resources with Tom Knotek of Bath & Body Works. Firmenich’s Jerry Vittoria, Joanne Halev (3rd r.) and Theo Spilka (r.) with Jacqueline Singer,
Neil Katz and Arcade’s Larry Berman.

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