Spotlight on: Olivia Bransbourg


French niche magazine ICONOfly is fastening the ties that bind with the launch of Attache-Moi 55—its second fragrance, whose name translates, roughly, to “Tie Me Up.”

icono 1
Attache-Moi 55

The seven-year-old publication is the brainchild of art world luminary Olivia Bransbourg and was born out of her fascination with the history, art and craftsmanship of fashion accessories. Each 64-page, bi-lingual journal —printed episodically—explores a selected accessory and gives noted artists, chefs, writers, musicians and perfumers carte blanche to riff on the theme.

Icono 2
The debut issue of ICONOfly

Among the 60 contributors since the magazine’s inception in 2006 are David Lynch, Lou Reed, Andres Serrano, Jean-Claude Ellena and Serge Lutens, while collaborating brands have included Salvatore Ferragamo, Sergio Rossi and Van Cleef & Arpels.

In 2009, ICONOfly forayed into fragrances with Attache-Moi, created by perfumers Christine Nagel (now of Mane) and Benoist Lapouza (Fragrance Resources). ICONOfly’s 2009 issue explored bracelets, Bransbourg explains, and so Nagel and Lapouza metamorphosed the idea of scent as a bracelet—being that both are worn around wrists.

“If a bracelet were a fragrance,” Bransbourg said, “it would shout ‘tie me up.’” Attache-Moi was launched at a month-long exhibition at the Bon Marché Rive Gauche in Paris alongside other works of art created exclusively for the issue.

Olivia B
Olivia Bransbourg

Now, at Barneys New York, Attache-Moi 55 is ICONOfly’s second fragrant creation. The luminous floral woody celebrates the concurrent luminosity and darkness of New York City—particularly one of Bransbourg’s favorite streets, 55th.

Formulated by Patricia Choux of Takasago—where Bransbourg serves as creative director—Attache-Moi 55 includes top notes of mandarin, mirabelle and cardamom; mid notes of osmanthus, orris and jasmine absolutes; and a drydown of woody amber, cashmere musk and vetiver.

Attache-Moi 55 is priced at $145.00 for 1.7 oz., and will roll out to Europe this fall. Its outer packaging, in the shape of a building, was imagined by the designer Carlos Quintero. The original Attache-Moi fragrance is priced at $130.00 for 1.7 oz.

To celebrate the American debut of Attache-Moi 55, a website was created for the scent at, comprising a narrative blend of videos, writings and an original song by Joseph DeCino inspired by the fragrance.

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