Angel Fêtes 20th B-day With Leather Line

AngelAngel Fragrance of Leather

On the eve of the 20th anniversary of its debut fragrance Angel, Thierry Mugler will fête the iconic scent that launched it into the olfactive and retail stratosphere. To mark the occasion, Mugler will reimagine in October four of its most distinguished creations—Angel, Alien, Womanity and A*Men—with leather-accented notes in a brand new collection entitled The Fragrances of Leather.

“To embody Mugler fragrance in a fabric, it could only be leather,” said Lionel Uzan, VP of marketing for Clarins Fragrance Group, which holds the Mugler fragrance license. “Inspired by the age-old craft of glove maker perfumers, Mugler took four of his signature scents and enhanced them with the warmth and richness of leather.”

And as it has done in the past, Mugler is looking to pioneering perfume-making traditions of yesteryear to inform its groundbreaking creations today.

During the French Renaissance, The Glove Makers and Perfumers Guild was founded by members of the tanning trade, as perfumes were being used to mask the strong smell of the leather-making process. Throughout the 18th century, these tanners became expert leather-scenters—particularly of gloves and particularly within the town of Grasse, in which the leather industry thrived before it became the perfume capital of the world.

5 ClairnsThe custom steel vats in which the fragrances matured.

Now, to tinge its fragrances with leather, Mugler developed a “natural leather” note alongside France’s Centre for Leather Techniques that would add a sensuous and animalistic dimension without corrupting its existing creations. Additionally, the company partnered with L’Orfèvrerie d’Anjou, the world leader in polished pewter, to design four engraved, stainless steel vats in which the extracts and natural leather could marinate.

Extracts matured in vats at Cosmeurop, Clarins Fragrance Group’s perfume factory in Strasbourg, for four weeks—the ideal timeframe for the most carnal aspects of the leather notes to be unlocked. Cosmeurop’s trade secret is that its maceration tanks are underground, Clarins said. Being the site of all Clarins perfume testing, manufacturing and packing, Cosmeurop produced 26 million units of fragrance in 2011, Clarins said, representing 1.5 million liters of perfume.

On counter this fall exclusively at Saks Fifth Avenue as well as at, Angel, Alien, Womanity, The Fragrances of Leather are each sized at a tinier-than-usual 1.0 oz. to underscore the preciousness of the juice within. Bottles are accented with leather collars, encased in leather pouches and a “20 Years” insignia has been etched onto each silver cap. Each is priced at $88.00. A 3.3-oz. bottle of A*Men Pure Leather, housed in a faux-leather rubber sheath bottle, will also retail for $88.00.

To spread word, Uzan vows the “largest media campaign in Mugler’s history,” comprising print, television and digital efforts as well as “innovative sampling methods, a completely renewed CRM program and a strong lineup of in store events.” The brand will also introduce the Angel Room Service monthly subscription program, which offers consumers the opportunity to receive different products throughout the year with scheduled replenishments, greater savings and additional services and privileges—all according to the plan she chooses.

Thierry Mugler is no stranger to celebratory creations. In 2006, the brand collaborated with International Flavors and Fragrances (IFF) to create a 15-piece coffret for the release of the film Perfume, inspired by Patrick Süskind’s best-seller. In 2007, Mugler launched La Part des Anges in which the original Angel perfume extract was subjected to the traditional craft of cognac-making in collaboration with Rémy Martin.

Continuing the experimentation between fragrances and spirits, the brand launched the Liquers de Parfum in 2009, in which Angel, Alien and A*Men were macerated in wooden casks—a process similar to wine-making. Finally, in 2011, Mugler transitioned into the world
of gastronomy with The Taste of Perfume, in which Angel, Alien, Womanity and A*Men were structurally altered to enhance their gourmand tendencies.


Alien case Womanity
The Alien and Womanity Fragrances of Leather and A*Men Pure Leather.

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