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In spring 2011, La Prairie introduced a potent elixir to help awaken the power of the skin—Cellular Power Infusion. Now, to add to this revolutionary anti-aging line, the brand is launching a nighttime treatment—Cellular Power Charge Night—that combines Retinol, a skin renewal peptide, oxygen and more to recharge the skin’s cells and reduce lines, wrinkles and age spots during sleep.

“During the night, our body is in repair, renew and replenish mode; this is true for the skin as well,” said Lynne Florio, president of La Prairie. “Our scientists have created Cellular Power Charge Night to take advantage of this resting status to help our customers fight aging around the clock. After all, there’s no rest for the weary. . . or the skin.”

According to La Prairie, although Retinol has been used in many products over the years, the use of an oxygen carrier with it is new. The brand’s scientists knew that an optimum level of oxygen in the skin would enhance the cell turnover process stimulated by Retinol, but stability issues between the oxygen and Retinol have prevented the merging of the two in past formulas. Now, these same scientists have resolved the issue by placing the two ingredients in separate chambers, side by side, which allows the consumer to control the release of each and blend them together before application.

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“The skin needs oxygen to look and perform at its youngest and its best, and it’s known that oxygellevels drop as the skin ages,” said Holly Genovese, vice president of training and retail marketing for La Prairie. “One of the mechanisms for recharging the skin is enhancing the oxygen level, which in turn supports the cell turnover process. This is accomplished in Cellular Power Charge Night via an oxygen transfer agent called Perfluorodecalin (PFD), which secures oxygen from the atmosphere, stores it and delivers it to the skin as needed, therefore supporting the skin’s self-regulation.”

The formula also includes a hydration system to address the possibility of the skin becoming drier as a result of the stimulating effect of Retinol. Other ingredients such as grapefruit cell extract and Vitamin E offer anti-oxidant protection, and sunflower seed oil helps to maintain the skin’s lipid barrier overnight.

Cellular Power Charge Night will be available in September at select specialty and department stores and, and will be priced at $475.00 for 1.35 oz.


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