Coty Rocks CEW Forum

1 CEW Coty

CEW’s Carlotta Jacobson and Jill Scalamandre (2nd r.) with Coty’s Renato Semerari and Catherine Walsh..

Amidst an executive change at the top echelons of beauty behemoth Coty, Cosmetic Executive Women (CEW) hosted its inaugural Newsmaker Forum of the season on September 12 entitled The One to Watch: Coty—A Global Beauty Leader.

Coty’s just-named CEO Michele Scannavini had been scheduled to speak before his promotion, noted CEW president Carlotta Jacobson, who added that ticket sales spiked after the news and that the event had garnered a record number of 13 sponsors.

Scannavini addressed an eager crowd after a video introduced him and showcased three of his greatest passions: soccer, Vespas—and the global beauty industry. “I’m in my quiet period,” Scannavini joked of the transitional time before introducing the evening’s speakers: Coty Beauty president Renato Semerari and Coty Prestige’s senior vice president of American fragrances, Catherine Walsh. “Beauty and the beast,” he teasingly dubbed the duo.

In a conversation moderated by CEW chairwoman Jill Scalamandre centered around the theme of innovation, Semerari said that, contrary to Coty’s reputation as a celebrity fragrance specialist, the category only comprises 11% of its fragrance business, whereas 66% is comprised by its designer sector. Walsh, the reigning queen of Coty’s prestige fragrances, spoke to the importance of packaging—an issue she says she could “talk about all night.

“When you think about it, fragrance is really the least innovative category in beauty,” she said, “and packaging is a crucial tool to instantly create that sense of theater in store.” Walsh then held up a bottle of Jennifer Lopez’s latest, Glowing, which actually illuminates with each use, she noted, giggling delightedly.

2 Cew Coty 3 Cew Coty 4 Cew Coty
Coty’s Catherine Walsh and Michele Scannavini. Coty’s Sergio Garcia, Ashley Barrett
and Trisha White.
Coty’s Victoria Bluvstein, Jon Dinapoli
and Lori Singer.
5 Cew Coty 6 Cew Coty 7 Cew Coty
Coty’s Ralph Macchio and Leslie Smith (r.)
with Firmenich’s Armand de Villoutreys.
Coty’s Ruth Sutcliffe and Fredericke Vance (r.) with Firmenich’s Westly Morris. Pochet’s Gerald Wahle, Kal Kalyanasundarem and Charles de Forges (r.) with Cosmetic World’s George Ledes.
8 Cew Coty 9 Cew Coty 10 Cew Coty
Arcade’s Diane Crecca and Philippe Ughetto. TPR Holdings’ Brian Robinson, GQ’s
Karen Drechsler and Westly Morris.
Grace Beauty’s Louise Caldwell with Peter Acerra of SGD.
11 Cew Coty 12 Cew Coty 13 Cew Coty
Ann Gottlieb of Ann Gottlieb Associates with Lori Singer. Coty’s George Cleary, Lorrie King,
Mary van Praag and Jules Kaufman.
StriVectin’s Michael Fishoff and JuE Wong
with Coty’s Elizabeth Bracken.
14 Cew Coty 15 Cew Coty 16 Cew Coty
Maesa’s Jimmy Silberman and Scott Kestenbaum with George Ledes. SGD’s Ashok Sudan and Sheherazade Chamlou (2nd r.) with Coty’s Laura Callahan and
George Ledes.
Firmenich’s Ilias Ermenidis with LVMH’s
Jean-Marc Plisson.
17 Cew Coty 18 Cew Coty 19 Cew Coty
Coty’s Bill Boraczek, Andrea DiNunzio
and Derek Bowen.
IFF’s Olivier Delcour and Christophe de Villeplée (r.) with Ruth Sutcliffe. Symrise’s Keri Affronti, Naoual Assis and
Rhona Stokols.
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