Napoleon Perdis

Napoleon Perdis, the runway makeup artist and beauty educator from Australia, picked up his first makeup brush at the age of 13 and has since taken the industry by storm. After a decade of brand building down under, Perdis and his family moved to Hollywood where they opened a flagship store and Makeup Academy in 2007. Within one year, Napoleon was teamed up with Target to launch his first collection, NP Set—easy-to-use products at affordable price points for the glamour girl on-the-go.

Now in 2011, the makeup mastermind is adding 11 new SKUs for the fall season, including six eyeshadow duos, two primers, two sets of false eyelashes and a 15-shade eyeshadow palette.

“As a working makeup-artist, I’m very much involved in developing every product,” said Perdis. “Recently, my big focus has been to bridge makeup and skin care. I make sure that each product has skin-nurturing ingredients (that are 98% paraben-free), and is designed to be purposeful—and in some cases multi-purposeful—which I think stands out on Target shelves.”

When approached by Target to become their first collaboration with a male makeup artist, Napoleon said he couldn’t resist the opportunity to make his brand more accessible to women across the country.

“I was attracted to Target because of their hugely successful design collaborations,” said Perdis. “No one can resist a well-designed bargain, and Target, more so than any other retailer, has been especially adept at democratizing style for all.”

Perdis 2

Known for its top-notch foundations and primers, NP Set now has seven primers in the lineup, five for face, one for eyes and one for lips.

“The new Calming Pre-Foundation Primer and Brightening Pre-Foundation Primer ($29.00 each) are lightweight and designed to even out your skin tone while feeding it antioxidants,” said Perdis. “Each of our primers addresses a different skin concern and ultimately creates the perfect canvas for makeup.”

The Eyeshadow Duos ($9.99 each) are available in six combo shades, and the Rainbow Eye Palette ($20.00) offers a kaleidoscope of colors for easy, all-occasion eye options, specifically selected and tested by Napoleon himself. The new sets of false eyelashes ($10.00 each), are named “Manchester” and “Copenhagen”—each SKU in the collection is named after a different destination—and are fun and flirty ways to create eye-opening looks.

“I believe that the consumer doesn’t want to fuss around with clunky, hard-to-handle packaging and time-consuming application,” said Perdis. “That’s why the NP Set collection has sleek packaging and is easy to understand and enjoy. It’s a focus on a no-fuss beauty regime—I want her to feel that she’s getting a fast and fabulous beauty boost.”


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