Shiseido invited Beauty Fashion magazine out branching at nine stores in the Boston area and to cover the brand’s latest installations. Led by Rita Mangan, senior vice president, sales, education and retail strategies, the store tour included Macy’s in downtown Boston, Braintree and Burlington, Bloomingdale’s in Chestnut Hill, Sephora doors in Boston and Burlington, Lord & Taylor in Braintree and Burlington and Nordstrom in Burlington.

“We have terrific products and we educate our beauty consultants to offer exceptional service at point-of-sale,” Mangan explained. “Once we get a new customer to try Shiseido products, they come back and are the most loyal customers I have experienced.”

“The secret to success in cosmetics is all about talent. When you have the right people at the counter, business is amazing,” stated Craig Davis, vice president/store manager of Macy’s Downtown/Boston. “It’s all about personality and being able to connect with the customer to find out what they are looking for, what their needs are and then applying the product at counter to suit those needs.”

Mangan is especially proud of the new Shiseido installation at Macy’s Downtown/Boston. “We have a top space and location at this new Shiseido counter, which exemplifies what the brand is about globally. The installation’s bold, updated red and white graphics really give us a strong brand image [on the beauty floor]. We have several consultation areas including a private space where customers can experience a facial massage. We worked with our team at this counter to create an environment that suited everything from traffic flow within the store to storage and showcase options for the products to areas for complimentary beauty services.”

Look for full coverage of the Shiseido store-hopping tour in the October issue of Beauty Fashion.

1 Shiseido 2 Shiseido 3 Shiseido
Shiseido’s new installation at Macy’s in downtown Boston. Macy’s Downtown/Boston’s David Furlano with Shiseido’s Sylvia Kam-Ng, Kathy Luong, Mary Lok, Wendy Beauregard, Rita Mangan, Michelle Tu and John Berardi. Bloomingdale’s/Chestnut Hill’s Carole Vena (2nd l.), Kim Emmerson (3rd l.) and Meghan McDowell (2nd r.) with John Berardi, Wendy Beauregard, Michelle Tu, Shiseido’s Alla Shupletsova and Rita Mangan.
4 Shiseido Shiseido Shiseido
Nordstrom/Burlington’s Cindy Gelb (2nd l.) Karman Chan (3rd l.) and Cheryl Isabelle-Alper (c.) with Rita Mangan, Wendy Beauregard, Michelle Tu and John Berardi. Sephora’s Ariel LePre (2nd l.), Mindy Ngo (3rd l.), Andrea Sandoval-O’Neil (4th r.) and Roseann Campbell (3rd r.) with Michelle Tu, Wendy Beauregard, Rita Mangan and John Berardi. Macy’s South Shore Plaza/Braintree’s David Mainville, Greg Walton (4th r.) and Christine Mendoza (3rd r.) with Shiseido’s Michelle Tu, Cyndi Jacobs, Tiffany Trinh, Rita Mangan, Fang Liang, John Berardi and Wendy Beauregard.

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