The American Cancer Society and the Personal Care Products Council raised $2.1 million for the Look Good…Feel Better (LGFB) organization at the 27th annual DreamBall in New York City on September 22.

The DreamBall, founded by Beauty Fashion’s chairman John Ledes, honored Linda Wells, editor in chief of Allure, and Jonathan Zrihen, president and CEO of Clarins Groupe North America for their outstanding efforts in extending the reach and message of LGFB.

“I am deeply honored to be part of this meaningful, powerful cause,” said Wells. “I have so much respect for LGFB, and after attending one of the organization’s workshops, I could see that the women felt truly more beautiful and more alive. It was the best before and after I’ve ever witnessed.”

Zrihen, whose mother and stepmother are both currently battling cancer, was touched at his being honored for a cause that he is so utterly passionate about.

“No other industry is better trained to make women feel more beautiful,” said Zrihen. “It is a concept at our very core, and I feel deeply honored to be part of such a strong initiative. In the words of Jacques Courtin-Clarins, also our company motto, “Do More. Do Better. And enjoy doing so.”

This year’s DreamGirl, Shannon Miller, is the most decorated American gymnast in history, and in December 2010 her physician discovered a cyst, a form of ovarian cancer. Once it was surgically removed, doctors recommended chemotherapy as the best option to eliminate the cancer for good, and her first round of nine treatments began in March 2011.

“I saw my hair loss as a sign of my sickness, and my biggest fear was that my son would be frightened by me,” said Miller, holding back tears. “These workshops are about transforming signs of sickness into signs of life. These workshops remind you that you are
a person, and a survivor.”

Pamela Baxter, DreamBall chairman and president/CEO of LVMH Perfumes & Cosmetics, North America said that with the evening’s donations from the cosmetic industry, the event’s 22-year total now exceeds $37 million, which will help LGFB improve the quality of life, confidence and hope of women throughout the world who are struggling with cancer.

DreamBall cover DreamBall 1 2 DreamBall

Clarins’ Jonathan Zrihen and Linda Wells
of Allure.

PCPC’s Lezlee Westine and Louanne Roark (2nd r.) with Jonathan Zrihen, Linda Wells and American Cancer Society’s Don Distasio.

Condé Nast’s Lucille Duran with LVMH’s Pamela Baxter and Terry Darland (r.) and
Art Spiro of Elizabeth Arden.

3 DreamBall 4 DreamBall 5 DreamBall

DreamGirl Shannon Miller and Dan Brestle
of PCPC.

Bloomingdale’s Michael Gould and
The Estée Lauder Companies’ William Lauder with Linda Wells.

Elizabeth Arden’s Ron Rolleston and
Jerry Vittoria of Firmenich.

6 DreamBall 7 DreamBall 8 DreamBall

IFF’s Mehdi Lisi and Yves Cassar (r.) with Ralph Lauren Fragrances’ Guillaume de Lesquen and Trudi Loren of The Estée Lauder Companies.

Condé Nast’s Charles Townsend and
Philip Shearer of Clarins.

Ahava’s Elana Drell Szyfer with Thia Breen and Carol Russo of The Estée Lauder Companies.

9 DreamBall 10 DreamBall 11 DreamBall

Givaudan’s Rose Eckert and Yara Karmiloff (r.) with Teri Siegel and Ruth Sutcliffe of Coty.

Shiseido’s Yumiko Nishikawa
and Gisela Ballard.

P&G’s Walter Geiger, Charlene Patten
and Patrice Louvet.

12 DreamBall 13 DreamBall 14 DreamBall

Lancôme’s Serge Jureidini with Firmenich’s Honorine Blanc and Theo Spilka and
Connie Anne Phillips of InStyle.

Fiampack’s Don Langlois with
Andy Clarke of Inter Parfums.

Fusion Brands’ Caroline Pieper-Vogt with Jean Hoehn Zimmerman of Oscar de la Renta.

15 DreamBall

16 DreamBall 17 DreamBall

Linda Wells and host Giada De Laurentiis.

Firmenich’s Harry Fremont and Westly Morris (r.) with Fusion Brands’ Annie Bystryn and
Leslie Oglesby of Coty Prestige.

Clarins’ Jonathan Zrihen with his wife Laetitia.

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