A crowd of over 425 guests celebrated Allure’s Best of Beauty at Jazz at Lincoln Center on September 13. This year, 232 products were recognized in 14 categories.

During the event, Allure’s vice president and publisher Agnes Chapski stated, “The Best of Beauty seal commands as much recognition as the Good Housekeeping Seal, and moves over 85 million products a year.”

Linda Wells, editor in chief of Allure, addressed the multitude of choices when it comes to beauty, and introduced the magazine’s first free iPhone app, the Best of Beauty iShopper. The app displays the Best of Beauty winners list and includes a GPS that will help consumers find their favorite products at stores nearest to their location. The app also allows the user to customize a personal shopping list. “We narrow down the tens of thousands of beauty choices to a concise list of winners. Suddenly finding what’s just right is a breeze,” Ms.Wells said. “And now that we have the iPhone app to take with you to the store, the choices become that much easier. It’s like having a miniature Allure editor in your handbag with you at all times.”

Allure 1 Allure 2 Allure 3
Allure’s Agnes Chapski and Linda Wells. Agnes Chapski (c.) with Steve Caputo and
Lynn Kopper of Chanel.
Linda Wells and Carol Hamilton of L’Oréal.
Allure 4 Allure 5 Allure 6
Lou Cona of Condé Nast, Louis Vuitton’s
Eric Lichtmess and Prada’s Chris Wile and
Matteo Sessavitali.
Linda Wells with Barneys’ Bettina O’Neill and Leslie Stevens of LaForce & Stevens. Shiseido’s Dick Page and Linda Wells.
Allure 7 Allure 8  
Linda Wells and Agnes Chapski with Stefano Curti of Johnson & Johnson. Linda Wells and Agnes Chapski with Nikoloz Makhatadze, John Melone and Joana Harlin of Star Comm.  


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