The Fragrance Foundation inducted Camille McDonald, president of brand development and merchandising for Bath & Body Works, into the Circle of Champions at a dinner ceremony on October 4. Held at the St. Regis in New York City, the event honors one individual each year for their notable impact on the fragrance industry.

“We are here to honor an icon in the fragrance and beauty industry,” said Rochelle Bloom, president of The Fragrance Foundation. “Nobody is busier than Camille McDonald, yet she always finds the time to mentor and help others whenever they ask. She always looks at the glass as half full.”

Keeping with the induction tradition, McDonald sat on stage in front of family, friends and industry guests as her fellow colleagues presented the custom “roast.”

In a room full of laughter, master of ceremonies Don Loftus, president and CEO of P&G Prestige U.S., said, “We are here to honor and dishonor Camille McDonald, one of our industry’s finest, as she joins an illustrious list of previous honorees, such as Ann Gottlieb and John Ledes.”

McDonald’s “roasters”—Firmenich’s Jerry Vittoria, Bath & Body Works’ So Young Kang and Givaudan’s Cos Policastro—poked fun at their personal experiences with Camille, but also honored her extraordinary vision, creativity and passion for her work.

“I will describe Camille as I describe a fragrance,” said Policastro. “She is an exceptional blend of qualities that draws you in and leaves you wanting more. She is a perfume that touches all of us. Who is Camille? A classic.”

As McDonald accepted her award, thanking her “roasters” for their kind, and humorously unkind words, she said, “Fragrance is the most powerful, invisible thing in this universe besides love, and the power of our own heartbeat. How lucky are we to be in charge of creating and selling it? This is definitely one of the proudest moments of my career.”

Champs 1 Champs 2 Champs 3

Bath & Body Works’ Camille McDonald with Rochelle Bloom of The FragranceFoundation.

Givaudan’s Cathy Torelli with Camille McDonald and Arcade Marketing’s
Diane Crecca.

IFF’s Nicolas Mirzayantz with Nest Fragrances’ Laura Slatkin and Harry Slatkin of Slatkin & Co.

Champs 4 Chapms 5 Champs 6

Firmenich’s Armand de Villoutreys and
Jerry Vittoria with Henry de Monclin of
HDM Designs (c.).

Givaudan’s Cos Policastro with Ann Gottlieb
of Ann Gottlieb Associates.

IFF’s Laurent Le Guernec, Olivier Delcour
and Lorenzo Cavallaro with Rochelle Bloom.

Champs 7 Champs 8 Champs 9

Aramis & Designer Fragrances’ Andrea Goris and Saks Fifth Avenue’s Deborah Walters
with Barbara Zinn-Moore of Lord & Taylor.

SGD’s Ashok Sudan and Sheherezade Chamlou with Ron Rolleston of Elizabeth Arden.

Cosmopolitan’s Donna Kalajian Lagani and Sue Katzen with Don Loftus of P&G Prestige (c.).

Champs 10 Champs 11 Champs 12

Mane’s Frederic Jacques and Thierry Trotobas with Stephane de la Faverie of Aramis & Designer Fragrances.

Givaudan’s Piero Savio, Karen Elliott and Melissa Gambill with So Young Kang of
Bath & Body Works (2nd r.).

Beauty Fashion’s George Ledes and
Aramis & Designer Fragrances’ Carol Russo
with Howard Kreitzman of Bloomingdale’s.

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