FIT Celebrates A Decade of Beauty

FIT’s Master’s Degree Program, Cosmetics and Fragrance Marketing and Management (CFMM), celebrated its 10th Anniversary at Guastavino’s in New York City on September 22. The event honored Marc Pritchard, global marketing and brand building officer for Procter & Gamble, and Linda Wells, editor in chief of Allure, for their support of the program and commitment to education.

FIT’s CFMM graduate program educates future industry leaders and serves as a think tank for the beauty industry. FIT Master’s Program professor Stephan Kanlian made the opening remarks, recapping a few of the 26 major milestones over the past 10 years.

“Four of our graduates have joined the faculty over the years and this gives us more pride than I can even say,” Kanlian said. “Also, four of our alumni have or are currently mentoring their own employees through the program, which we take as a sign of the success of the program.”

He also stressed the importance of bringing citizenship and empathy back to the mindset of the industry leader as he forecasted the future and the program’s next 10 years.

Maybelline/Garnier’s David Greenberg with Stephan Kanlian of FIT, Allure’s Linda Wells and Marc Pritchard of P&G Honorees Marc Pritchard and Linda Wells. CEW’s Lisa Klein with Hearst Digital Media’s Kristine Welker and Allison Braham (r.) and Caroline Pieper-Vogt of Fusion Brands.
Fit 4 FIT 5 FIT 6
Givaudan’s Cos Policastro, Deirdre Carlough, Kate Greene, and Geraldine Nicolai with Jean Hoehn Zimmerman (c.). Bath & Body Works’ Camille McDonald and Ann Gottlieb of Ann Gottlieb Associates. Shiseido’s Heidi Manheimer and Frédéric Fekkai.
FIT’s Stephan Kanlian and Brooke Carlson (r.) with Carlotta Jacobson of CEW. David Greenberg and Steve Mormoris of Coty. Batallure Beauty’s Robin Burns and Stephan Kanlian.
FIT 10 FIT 11 FIT 12
Annette Green with Camille McDonald and Maxine Martens of Martens & Heads. Jean Hoehn Zimmerman and Rochelle Bloom of The Fragrance Foundation. Brooke Carlson with Avon/mark.’s Claudia Poccia and Pamela Vaile of Pamela Vaile Associates.
FIT 13 FIT 14  
Mary Manning Associates’ Mary Manning and Francis Cholle of The Human Company. Coty’s Janice Levine, Ana Palombo and Laurie Welsh.  

“We need to refocus and teach our students the concept of citizenship,” Kanlian said. “Without humanity there can be no good leadership, and we need empathetic leaders who will understand where consumers stand after times of recession.”

To highlight the research and collaboration achieved over the past decade, a dedication video, sponsored by Personal Care Products Council, was shown featuring industry leaders and their personal interactions with the program.

Marc Pritchard spoke about his experiences with the graduate students. “The students are constantly becoming more creative and innovative,” Pritchard said. “They thought I was mentoring them, but really they were teaching me.”

Accrediting chairman emeritus Leonard Lauder for the reason the program was made possible, Mr. Pritchard said he knows the future of the beauty industry is in good hands because of what FIT is doing.

Linda Wells addressed the notion that image is everywhere and it is what draws us together in the human experience

“Happy 10th birthday to the FIT Master’s Program,” Wells said. “When you marry beauty with brains, that is a killer combination.”

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