Beauty Meets Business at

HBA Global Expo

After months of recession, the beauty industry is back in business and the HBA Global Expo and Conference highlighted new concepts and ideas for consumers and businesses alike. Held at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center in New York City, the event lasted three days from September 28-30 and featured over 600 exhibitors, a variety of seminars and a keynote presentation by Pamela Baxter, president and CEO of LVMH Perfumes and Cosmetics.

Recounting her past career experiences, Ms. Baxter focused on the risks she took along the way and the key lessons she learned. “I started behind the counter, learning how to interact with the customer,” Baxter said. “Now I am figuring out where brands belong and deciding distribution for that image. It is important to get cross-functional experience.”

Stressing the importance of good leadership, Ms. Baxter pointed out that it is crucial for employers to find the best talent that they can. “We need to find people that are better than we are and let them flourish,” Baxter said.

Also, she added that we as an industry need to look at the world as a whole and understand the global consumer. “We need to stay on top of what is happening out there,” Baxter said. “Social media has changed the landscape and the way communication happens.”

Smile Train’s Brian Mullaney, Christie Brinkley and Pamela Baxter of LVMH Perfumes and Cosmetics. Bloomingdale’s Howard Kreitzman speaking at
a seminar.
C+N Packaging's Kristen Tomich and Brooks Markert.
HBA 5 HBA 6  
ABA Packaging's Charles Marchese and Mike Warford. The award area on the exhibition floor.  

One of the seminars, Changing the Face of Beauty Distribution, featured guest speaker Howard Kreitzman, vice president of cosmetics and perfumes for Bloomingdale’s.

“The separation of channels is blurred, and the driving force behind it is really technology,” Kreitzman said. “How does a department store stay relevant with all of these new options?”

Providing answers to this key question, Mr. Kreitzman discussed the critical element of service at the counter. “Many women base their decision on the service they receive,” Kreitzman said. “We don’t believe in discounting cosmetics, but we believe in pushing lots of promotions, extras and add-ons.”

Another guest speaker, Donna Tarantino-Loyle, director of beauty and health for ShopNBC, discussed the beauty of television and the power it has to educate and entertain shoppers and consumers. “We give the brand air time to tell their story and teach consumers how to use the products from the comfort of their own couch,” Tarantino-Loyle said. “Customer loyalty is key to our business.”

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