28th DreamBall Garners $2.4 Million


20 Dreamball 21 Dreamball 22 Dreamball
Condé Nast’s Lucille Duran, Elizabeth Arden’s Art Spiro and the American Cancer Society’s Kari Siegel. SGD’s Shéhérazade Chamlou and Peter Acerra. Parlux’s Pat Werblin, Cosmetic World’s George Ledes and Beth Ann Catalano of Bliss.
23 Dreamball Dreamball 25 Dreamball
Cosmopolitan’s Sue Katzen and Donna Kalajian Lagani (2nd r.) with P&G’s Joe Arcuri and Aloxxi’s George Schaeffer. L’Oréal’s Frederic Rozé and Olga Rozé with Firmenich’s Armand de Villoutreys. PCPC’s Louanne Roark, Giorgio Armani Beauty’s Kelly Thompson and the American Cancer Society’s Kari Siegel.
26 Dreamball 27 Dreamball 28 Dreamball
Teen Vogue’s Eva Chen with P&G’s Patrice Louvet. Lord & Taylor’s Barbara Zinn Moore with IFF’s Anahita Mekanik and Lorenzo Cavallaro. Bumble and Bumble’s Peter Lichtenthal
with Arcade’s David Teets.
29 Dreamball 30 Dreamball 31 Dreamball
Elizabeth Arden’s Laurie Dowley with Cosmopolitan’s Karen Deutsch and Donna Kalajian Lagani and
Aramis and Designer Fragrances’ Carol Russo.
Oscar de la Renta’s Jean Zimmerman with Linda Levy of Parlux. Fusion Beauty’s Dana Kline, Johnson & Johnson’s Stefano Curti, Marie Claire’s Nancy Berger Cardone and Elizabeth Arden’s Art Spiro.
32 Dreamball 33 Dreamball 34 Dreamball
Cosmopolitan’s Donna Kalajian Lagani and Joanna Coles (2nd r.) with William Lauder and Thia Breen of The Estée Lauder Companies. Symrise’s Catalina Zurek, Rhona Stokols
and Beatrice Mouleyre.
Cosmopolitan’s Donna Kalajian Lagani and Joanna Coles with L’Oréal’s Serge Jureidini.
35 Dreamball 36 Dreamball 37 Dreamball
L’Oréal’s Guillaume de Lesquen and Chris Salgardo. Clarins’ Joseph McElroy, Jill Liebmann
and Lionel Uzan.
L’Oréal’s Chris Payne with Cosmopolitan’s Joanna Coles and Donna Kalajian Lagani.
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