Former Coty chief Bernd Beetz was welcomed into the Circle of Champions—an annual tribute by The Fragrance Foundation—with a heartfelt and hilarious toast by friends and colleagues on Thursday, October 11.

1 Champs 2 Champs 3 Champs
Elizabeth Musmanno, Bernd Beetz, Don Loftus and Jill Belasco. Bernd Beetz with Vera Wang’s Mario Grauso and Vera Wang. Coty’s Catherine Walsh and Steve Mormoris.
4 Champs 5 Champs 6 Champs
Bath & Body Works’ Tom Knotek, Monica Rowe and Camille McDonald. Coty’s David Russell and George Cleary. Jodi Fries of Macy’s with Aramis and Designer Fragrances’ Shelley Levendos, Carol Russo and Adriana Ricci.
7 Champs 8 champs 9 Champs
Condé Nast’s Ali Hersh Pace alongside Givaudan’s Rose Eckert and Cos Policastro and Coty’s Lori Singer. Elizabeth Arden’s Art Spiro, The Fragrance Foundation’s Elizabeth Musmanno and Robertet’s Pierre Wulff. Coty’s Lorrie King with Jerry Vittoria of Firmenich.
10 Champs 11 Champs 12 Champs
P&G’s Lisa Kessler with LVMH’s Nicholas Munafo, Doreen Hatcher and Bettina Bamberger. Clarins’ Lionel Uzan and Jonathan Zrihen with Elle’s Anna Araman and IFF’s Olivier Delcour. The Fragrance Foundation’s Elizabeth Musmanno and Cosmetic World’s George Ledes with Takasago’s Olivia Bransbourg and Frederic Jacques.
13 Champs 14 Champs 15 Champs
Robertet’s Joe Lattarulo, Christophe Maubert and Jerome Epinette.

Mane’s Westly Morris with Coty’s Marsha Brooks and Steve Mormoris.

IFF’s Yves Cassar with Coty’s Ruth Sutcliffe.
16 Champs 17 Champs 18 Champs
Arcade’s Eric Dalbo and David Teets (r.) with SGD’s Peter Acerra. Pochet’s Eric Vanin, Gerald Walle and
Boris Zivkovic.
The Fragrance Foundation’s Elizabeth Musmanno with EC Scott’s Mark Scott and Nikki de Launay.

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