Lisa Hoffman to Team with Tom Binns

Lisa Hoffman

Lisa Hoffman

In a cross-category partnership featuring scent-delivery technology that represents an industry first, Lisa Hoffman will introduce this month a fragrance jewelry collection alongside the Dada-influenced, cult-favorite jewelry designer Tom Binns.

The collaboration—which comprises pendant necklaces, cuff bracelets and earrings—represents a new venture for both parties, Hoffman told Cosmetic World in an exclusive interview at the Mandarin Oriental hotel. The pieces boast bean-like forms with perforated surfaces meant to evoke the liquid flow of mercury, and each contains Hoffman’s proprietary wooden fragrance beads infused with her five signature scents.

Binn’s designs are beloved by fashion icons including Beyoncé, Michelle Obama and Lady Gaga and the collaboration was apt, Hoffman said, being that “Tom and I share a similar customer, and that fragrance and jewelry are worn on similar parts of the body.” Since the beads are housed within the jewelry, “[Binns] was particularly excited about adding an auditory component to his designs,” Hoffman noted.

Necklaces debut on this month. Each is priced at $250.00 and available in five metal finishes—reflecting the fragrance housed within. Five cuffs will follow in November, priced at $300.00, and earrings will round out the collection in January 2013, priced at $200.00.

2 Hoffman

The pendant is strung onto a 30-inch,
2mm snake chain with an S-hook clasp.

Hoffman was quick to point out the advantages of the beads, which are made from wood flour and feature a particularly high 30% fragrance ratio—so that they may last for roughly three weeks. She created the technology alongside Givaudan. Each piece of jewelry is sold with a 4.5-gram jar of beads of one of Hoffman’s fragrances: Japanese Agarwood, Madagascar Orchid, French Clary Sage, Tunisian Neroli and Tuscan Fig.

The benefit to wearing fragrance jewelry is that the scent doesn’t actually interact with the skin, said Joan Sutton, vice president of product development for Lisa Hoffman Beauty—meaning that allergic reactions are evaded and scents can be standardized without top, middle and bottom notes. “You can also put the fragrance on and take it off,” Sutton said, “as well as mix the beads in different combinations to create a personal blend.”

Going forward, the collaborative possibilities—at varying price points—are seemingly endless, Hoffman said, adding that she intends to team with a different designer every year to create a new collection of fragrance jewelry.

3 Hoffman 4 Hoffman 5 Hoffman
The 2.1-inch-wide cuff features a rounded locket with a pressurized hinge. Amorphous-shaped locket post earrings
measure 0.89 inches.
The fragrance beads sold along each piece
of jewelry.

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