StriVectin’s Overnight Remedy


StriVectin-AR Advanced Retinol Night Treatment

Next January, StriVectin is bringing to market its latest skin care breakthrough: a night treatment cream combining the gold standard anti-aging ingredient, retinol, with the brand’s proprietary
NIA-114 molecule. Entitled StriVectin-AR Advanced Retinol Night Treatment, it will be priced at $109.00 for 1.7 oz.

StriVectin—whose motto is “faster, smarter anti-aging,” said the company’s vice president of marketing, Frederic Arbel—is sold at department and specialty retailers nationwide including QVC, Ulta and Macy’s, as well as on

In combination with retinol, NIA-114 not only helps fuel the conversion of retinol to its more efficacious and bioactive form of retinoic acid, but it also strengthens the skin’s barrier, reducing sensitivity to retinol’s oft-felt irritating side effects. “Working as a dynamic duo, only NIA-114 activates retinol’s age-fighting power to work harder, faster and more efficiently without the irritating side effects commonly associated with retinol usage,” press materials said.

In addition to NIA-114 and retinol, the treatment contains peptides, sodium hyaluronate
and other botanicals. Dubbed an overnight multitasker, the product is purported to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and lines, provide deep hydration, improve firmness, even skin tone and smooth texture.

The formula boasts a lightweight and supple texture, said Kathy Cheng, StriVectin’s director of marketing, and the launch also touts all-new violet-hued packaging.

Tested in 12-week, independent, placebo-controlled, double-blind clinical trials, the product was proven to improve skin tone by 26x, wrinkles by 7x, firmness by 4x and texture by 3x. In just four weeks, clinical graders observed a 100% improvement in texture, an 88% improvement in texture and radiance, a 79% improvement in firmness and an 82% improvement in fine lines.

StriVectin is the product of 30 years of research by the company’s chief scientists, Drs. Elaine and Myron Jacobson—luminaries in the fields of skin cancer and DNA repair. All told, their research has amassed more than 30 global patents—NIA-114 among them. Their examination of the role of niacin and its derivatives in helping to repair sun-damaged skin cells has been funded by the National Institute of Health (NIH) and has led to more than 150 published papers and invited book chapters.

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Dr. Ellen Marmur with StriVectin’s Dr. Myron Jacobson, Dr. Elaine Jacobson, Kathy Cheng and Frederic Arbel. More’s Genevieve Monsma with Real Simple’s Didi Gluck. The launch event space.

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