Founded in 1911, drom Fragrances is celebrating its 100-year anniversary this year, as well as sharing their “insider secrets” that have been kept within the family-run company since its inception.

In 2010, Dr. Ferdinand Storp and Dr. Andreas Storp—the third generation of the company’s founding family—expressed their desire
to open their private collection of antique flacons to the general public. This wish to exhibit the collection around the world came true this year as the company began to celebrate its centennial. With the theme, “The Secret,” the exhibit showcases even the rarest pieces, and the most hidden secrets and beautiful stories that the perfumes and their bottles evoke.

“We are a strange company—our roots are in Munich, not in Grasse—but when we think about our past, and where we want to go, we celebrate the existence of a once crazy idea that turned into something beautiful,” said Ferdinand Storp. “The biggest thing is the joy you find when you create a great fragrance.”

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Palm Beach Beauté’s Paul Smith with Karl Gordinier and Ferdinand Storp of drom. drom’s Kim Berg, Delphine Jelk, Thibault Leriche, Catherine Dolisi and Alexandra Monet. drom’s Thierry Briere, Antoine Durand
and Andre Thomas.

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