The Fragrance Foundation’s Associate Board hosted their annual Pop Your Cork event at City Winery in New York City on October 18. Following the theme, “Wine and Chocolate,” a four-course tasting of food and wine, including a trio of chocolate desserts, was paired with fragrance accords created by Takasago’s Patricia Choux and Mane’s Vincent Kuczinski.

“Tonight we’re introducing chocolate into the mix,” said Terry Molnar, executive director of The Fragrance Foundation. “We are interested to see how it inspires the chef, the wine connoisseur and the perfumers in different ways. The purpose of these events is to open your minds up to the idea of trying new things, and fragrance feeds the mind and soul the same way food and wine do.”

Joshua Wesson, co-founder of Wine Cellars, demonstrated unique ways to sniff and taste wine, while teaching guests about different varietals and geographical regions.

City Winery’s executive chef, Andres Barrera, created a delicious meal including roasted cauliflower soup and pomegranate glazed “free bird farms” chicken breast. Benjamin Auzimour, CEO of Richart USA, paired a chocolate trio dessert with corresponding dessert wines, leaving each guest’s sweet tooth completely satisfied.

“It is definitely a challenge to translate the composition of wine into a fragrance,” said Choux. “But with no price limitations, and plenty of inspiration, I was able to develop these exclusive scents for you to enjoy.”

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Richart’s Benjamin Auzimour, Takasago’s Patricia Choux, Best Cellars’ Joshua Wesson and City Winery’s Andres Barrera with Mane’s Vincent Kuczinski and Terry Molnar of
The Fragrance Foundation.

IFF’s Yvette Ross and Olivier Delcour.

Arcade Marketing’s Diane Crecca and Eric Dalbo with Cherisse Carrington of Coty (c.).

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The Estée Lauder Companies’ Christina Treadway, Misaa Ayoub and Jon Adler.

Mane’s Frederic Jacques and Jason Boland
with Shauna Keenan of Takasago.

Suzanne Branch Martin with Kelly Thompson, Renee Juzdan and Natalie Navarre of L’Oréal USA.

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Takasago’s Kathryn Arcuri and Robin Lane
with Julia Manna of Avon (c.).

Elizabeth Arden’s Rebecca Tyrmand with Heather Barrett and Larry Berman of Arcade Marketing.

Molton Brown’s Bernita Smith and Kristine Naylor with Ashli Hamilton of Ann Gottlieb Associates.

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