Sephora and Firmenich have collaborated to create The Sensorium—a ground-breaking multi-sensory journey designed to reignite a love for fragrance among consumers. This 3,700 square foot installation, located in Manhattan’s Meatpacking District, is the first of its kind and open to the public for a limited time through November 27.

Titled “The Sensorium: An Immersive Journey through Lucid Dreams from the Sensory World,” this dynamic experience explores the emotion and instinct of scent through interactive experiences, compelling film, story-telling and three-dimensional art. The journey of six encounters, partially guided by Sephora cast members, begins with the background of fragrance creation and design, from the molecular level to the use of raw materials, and how people think about and interact with scent.

“Our goal is to educate consumers about the myths, history, and physiology of fragrance,” said Miranda Gordon, director of Creative Marketing Studio at Firmenich. “Perfumers are fine artists of the highest caliber, and their art is putting magic in the bottle. We want to share this magic with the world.”

Proceeding to the ‘sensory deprivation encounter,’ guests are guided to enter closet-sized, foam-padded rooms where they can listen to an audio tape of real-life testimonials from people who have lost their sense of smell. The rest of the tour allows visitors to connect everyday actions and memories to scent, and discover how molecules and extractions blend together to form a complete fragrance that evokes a particular emotion.

Once the journey is completed, guests are encouraged to visit the “Fragrance Bar”—the sixth and final “encounter”—in which they will smell unbranded scents to discover their preferences based on emotion, instead of marketing messages or bottle appearance.

“Fragrance is such an important part of our business, and our clients are always searching for the newest and most unique offerings,” said Sharon Rothstein, senior vice president of marketing for Sephora. “The Sensorium, created with the experience, knowledge and insight of Firmenich, offered us a tremendous opportunity to reengage, educate and excite about scent in an innovative way.”

The Sensorium is exclusive to New York City, and tickets are available at and on site for $15.00, which can redeemed for a purchase at any Sephora store, or towards any fragrance offered at the Fragrance Bar.

1 Sensorium 2 Sensorium 3 Sensorium

Firmenich’s Debra Butler with Jane Krakowski and Sephora’s Sharon Rothstein.

The first encounter inside The Sensorium.

Sephora’s Allison Slater with Firmenich’s
Jerry Vittoria and Debra Butler and
George Ledes of Beauty Fashion.

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