The window display at The Sensorium.

Arcade Marketing and Mirrus, a multimedia company, partnered with Firmenich to create a unique consumer engagement platform for those who passed by Sephora’s The Sensorium—a 4-D scentsory journey located in Manhattan’s Meatpacking District that was designed to reignite a love for fragrance among consumers.

Used in the window displays at The Sensorium, the new innovative technology called ScentFX—a combination of Mirrus’ proprietary removable reusable material and Arcade’s
sampling solutions—allows window graphics to omit a fragrance once engaged and activated by a consumer, simply by rubbing or scratching.

“We worked with Arcade to create ScentFX for the initial purpose of creating an interactive, removable magazine ad, where a consumer could not only experience the fragrance by rubbing the scented image, but also remove the scented image from the page and stick it to any surface over and over again,” said Brian Reid, CEO and founder of Mirrus. “When the opportunity came up to participate with Firmenich on the Sephora Sensorium, we thought it was the right environment to utilize ScentFX in large scale. Creating something that is disruptive to consumers typically results in stopping power, and that is what we were looking to accomplish.”



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