Insider's Breakfast

Arcade Marketing’s Debra Leipman-Yale with Rochelle Bloom of The Fragrance Foundation.

The Fragrance Foundation’s Insider’s Breakfast series welcomed Debra Leipman-Yale, president of Arcade Marketing, to share her “insider” tips and business strategies with an intimate group of industry professionals.

After over 25 years in the fragrance, cosmetics and personal care markets, Leipman-Yale has words of wisdom to share. Originally from a small town outside Cleveland, Ohio, Leipman-Yale learned at a young age that “at every crossroads there are two paths,” and that in order for her to succeed, she should explore the road not taken.

“Through multiple experiences in college, I developed an interest for a global view beyond North America, and decided to accept an offer to move to New York City and work for Revlon at age 21,” said Leipman-Yale. “It entirely changed my life.”

With a desire to enter brand marketing, Leipman-Yale joined Clairol after 10 years and took the opportunity to move into the international business, where she traveled to more than 35 countries over 6-7 years. In 2001, after 19 years at Clairol, Procter & Gamble acquired the company and Leipman-Yale found herself back at Revlon as chief marketing officer.

“This industry gets into your blood—it’s so vital and challenging,” Leipman-Yale said. “Eventually the opportunity to join Arcade presented itself, and I knew it would be a chance to use strategic muscles I hadn’t used before.”

Once at Arcade, Leipman-Yale used an acronym that she had applied throughout the making of her decisions: ITCCH—Integrity, Tenacity, Curiosity, Courage and Humility.

“It is important to remember your values, stick with an idea if you believe in it, ask people why they do certain things, and make your own moves without relying on what people tell you you should do,” said Leipman-Yale. “And finally, be human and laugh at your own expense. ”

Since Leipman-Yale has taken the reigns at Arcade, the company has opened Arcade LatAm and Arcade Asia, as well as expanded its European business by over 40%. With 28 sampling technologies in the Arcade portfolio, Leipman-Yale knows consumers will have a chance to try before they buy.

“Our goal is to provide tools for wherever consumers want to sample,” said Leipman-Yale. “Consumer engagement is a big piece of our work right now. We are currently working on 4-5 projects for at-the-shelf sampling solutions, and we plan to launch one in 2012. The best way to work with us is to give us a challenge, and we’ll try to give you the best sampling solution.”


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