Radical Skin Care

Radical Skincare’s Rachel and Liz Edlich.

Liz and Rachel Edlich, sisters and creators of Radical Skincare, were raised in an environment that proved anything was possible, as long as they made a commitment. Their father, and world-renowned surgeon, Dr. Richard Edlich, pioneered the development of skin treatments in the burn unit at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville, VA, where the sisters are from.

“We worked alongside our father in his lab before the age of ten,” said Liz Edlich. “We saw extreme cases of skin healing in his burn unit, and we knew we wanted to make a difference like he did. He always told us, ‘to be a difference you have to make a difference.’”

In their early twenties both sisters left Virginia for California, where Liz and Rachel would eventually develop the idea for a direct marketing and skin care business called One World Live, Inc. In the years to follow, their access to research and desire for innovation led them on a quest to develop a skin care product that they could use themselves to solve their own personal problems, such as rosacea and fine lines.

“It started as our own little science project, but the results were so amazing,” said Rachel Edlich. “We knew we were compelled to deliver the results worldwide.”

And so became Radical Skincare—a seven-piece prestige skin care collection—including serums, moisturizers, crèmes and gels—created to prevent, protect and repair aging skin using ingredients and antioxidants at their highest potency levels, and a proprietary technology called Trylacel.

Radical Skin Care 2

“We knew we had created a highly potent line of products that was multi-tasking, but in order to better understand the difference between Radical Skincare and other prestige lines on the market, we conducted clinical testing and discovered our lead product, the Peptide Infused Antioxidant Serum, is over 300% more powerful than leading brands in fighting the primary cause of aging,” said Liz Edlich. “The challenge is keeping the antioxidants at their maximum potency and stable in the bottle to deliver real results, and our Trylacel technology has allowed us to do just that.”

Both Liz and Rachel agree that the underpinning of the brand is “radical reality”—ordinary people doing extraordinary things worldwide—and they want to inspire others to live a “maximum potency lifestyle.”

“These ‘radical’ people will start to become the faces of the brand, which will create a strong interactive feature for us,” said Liz Edlich. “I wrote a booklet called ‘Radical Living: 5 Dimensions Beyond Positive,’ which is included with every product purchase, and I am looking to publish a book on the topic in the future. It is important that we try to advance important causes and make a profound impact on other people’s lives.”

Radical Skincare products are available at Barneys stores in New York City and Los Angeles, as well as barneys.com and radicalskincare.com. International distribution will roll out in February and March 2012.


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