Puig 1Javier Bach

It was a busy week at TFWA for Puig, the family-owned fashion and fragrance company, said its COO, Javier Bach, in an exclusive interview with Cosmetic World.

“Puig is currently the sixth-ranked player in prestige fragrances globally. Our goal is to enter the top five with a ten percent market share in coming years. Puig has consistently gained share over the past nine years, and expects to grow in terms of sell-out at more than twice the speed of the markets in 2013,” Bach said.

The Puig travel retail business is also growing above industry rates, he noted, with the launch of Invictus by Paco Rabanne achieving top-seller status across the globe.

While emerging markets are key for Puig (their weight in the company’s geographical footprint is ten points above the industry average), it can be challenging to grow brands in some of these markets owing to a lack of firmly-established retail platforms, Bach said.

For that reason, Puig sees the travel retail channel as an opportunity to develop its brands in those areas and continues to invest in what Bach calls “the shopping experience.”

Puig 2The Nick Youngquest-starring campaign for Invictus by Paco Rabanne.

Looking for innovative ways to communicate each brand’s respective universe, the company reaches out to consumers with digital media prior to—and during—their time spent in airports. Puig leverages its combined fashion and fragrance expertise to fully animate brands in-store in different categories.

The face of Invictus, Australian rugby star Nick Youngquest, made a personal appearance at Charles de Gaulle airport in France to greet consumers in celebration of the fragrance launch. This goes to show that travel retail is increasingly borrowing from the department store promotional model as it continues to emerge as a key channel, explained Lyndea Dew, Puig’s global travel retail marketing director.

In the U.S. market, the company has experienced tremendous growth in recent years, rising in 2012 by 30% and doubling its size over the past three years, Bach said, as Puig continues to build upon its Prada, Valentino and Rabanne franchises.

Puig has been able to place Prada Luna Rossa in the top ten and 1 Million by Paco Rabanne in the top 17—thus building a strong base in the male segment.

The company’s freshly-inked deal with Clarins Fragrance Group for stateside distribution through a shared sales force is a great opportunity to further develop its business, Bach said.

Finally, as an arbiter of luxury, Puig will focus in coming months on what Bach calls its premium portfolio of fragrances—Prada and Valentino—beginning with the launch of the latter’s first-ever men’s scent, Valentino Uomo. French actor Louis Garrel will serve as the face of the fragrance in a cinematic campaign directed by Johan Renck. To attract premium consumers, Puig will invest in innovative sampling vehicles and an enhanced in-store experience.





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