Fusion Brands Inc. celebrated the launch of VeriPūr, a revolutionary hand sanitizer, in New York City on December 7. “There are a number of products that kill germs instantly, but we’re expanding the hand sanitizer category to protect hands against them for up to four hours without causing skin damage or irritation,” said Caroline Pieper-Vogt, CEO of Fusion Brands. “We’re excited to continue the innovation and science of Fusion Brands Inc. by providing consumers with a product to keep them and their families healthier.”

Veripur-1a Veripur-2  
Fusion Brands’ Caroline Pieper-Vogt talking about the benefits of VeriPūr. Fusion Brands’ Greg Black, Caroline Pieper-Vogt, Michael Ferrara and Steve Bock with Dr. Jim Sears (2nd l.).  


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