1 Fragrance Foundation

Elizabeth Arden’s Ron Rolleston, Macy’s
Linda Levy, Christian Dior’s Terry Darland and NPD Group’s Karen Grant with Theo Spilka
of Firmenich.

The Fragrance Foundation hosted an expert panel including Terry Darland, president of Parfums Christian Dior, North America; Linda Levy, vice president of marketing for cosmetics and fragrances at Macy’s; Theo Spilka, vice president of new business development and licensing worldwide for Firmenich; and Ron Rolleston, executive vice president of creative and business development for Elizabeth Arden, to discuss the impact of celebrities and celebrity fragrances on the industry.

Keynote speaker Karen Grant, vice president of beauty and senior global industry analyst for The NPD Group, kicked off the evening with a presentation of facts and figures about the sales volume for celebrity fragrances in both mass and prestige markets over the last decade.

“There has been an increase in dollars for prestige celebrity fragrance sales due to the turnaround we’ve seen from the success of Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift,” said Grant. “Although the celebrity fragrance category has contributed $1.3 billion to the industry since 2002, which is a very compelling sales volume, brands need to continue looking for new ways to leverage the category in order to find the winning formula.”

Darland spoke about the growth of Dior J’adore since award-winning actress Charlize Theron became the face of the brand in 2005, and said the brand probably wouldn’t be as successful without her.

To add a retail perspective, Levy noted that the most important thing for Macy’s is that they really know who their customer is.

“It is also important to bring in brands that appeal to different audiences, and be able to reach them in different ways,” said Levy. “There is a lot more marketing that can be done.”

Spilka commented on the process of the selection of celebrities to work with, and the contract negotiations.

“It is a nurturing process and an educational phase to cultivate the relationship and negotiate terms,” said Spilka. “We choose a celebrity that we can have an ongoing relationship with—it’s not just, ‘let’s go after who’s number one today.’”
Rolleston added his insight on the selection process, from a marketing point of view.

“As marketers we try to understand people’s fan bases and their audiences through qualitative and quantitative research,” said Rolleston. “Taylor Swift is the voice of her generation and has an extremely high level of fan loyalty. It makes sense that her fans would want to wear her fragrance.”

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The Fragrance Foundation’s Rochelle Bloom with Peter Acerra and Shéhérazade Chamlou of SGD. Arcade Marketing’s Diane Crecca and Larry Berman (2nd r.) with Elizabeth Arden’s Art Spiro and Lauren Bitet of Givaudan. Fusion Brands’ Dana Kline and Rick Brown of Macy’s.
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Givaudan’s Rose Eckert and Kate Greene (r.) with Rochelle Bloom and Coty Beauty’s Marsha Brooks. Lord & Taylor’s Marti Moore and Barbara Zinn Moore. O, The Oprah Magazine’s Patricia Foster and
Jill Seelig with Lisa Hawkins of Dior Beauty (c.).

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